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It's Growing Will There Be MPL Ladies in the Future?

It’s Growing Will There Be MPL Ladies in the Future?

With yesterday’s WSL Season 2 championship reaching 130k views. Shows that the ladies scene is starting to be noticed by the public.

Previously, the ladies tournament was not very visible because there was no official tournament from Moonton.

In the future, hopefully the ladies scene can grow. That is the hope of many people including one of them EVOS Earl.

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In his video with Jonathan Liandi at EMPETALK. Jonathan asked Winda “Earl” regarding the possibility of developing the ladies scene in the future.

Interestingly, Earl had mentioned that there might be MPL Ladies in the future. What is the reason Earl speaks like that, can be seen in the following video.

“I feel like it too, I still have a feeling, I don’t know yet, I think there will be MPL Ladies,” said Earl in EMPETALK.

“If I have a feeling for what, in Indonesia, maybe the biggest esports are EVOS and RRQ in my opinion. It’s talking about Mobile Legends. Because EVOS has been for Ladies for 2 years. Suddenly, RRQ has issues that they want to make, there must be something, otherwise, it’s impossible to suddenly go out of nowhere (no reason),” added Earl.

That’s the opinion of Winda “Earl” regarding the feeling regarding the possibility of an MPL Ladies. All of this is based on the reasons that have been previously disclosed.

If it’s true, it will make the Ladies scene even more developed, of course. With WSL Season 2 then that has made a lot of fans especially if there is an official tournament from Moonton.

There are more and more ladies teams, and indeed RRQ is one of the rumors that will form RRQ Ladies in the future.

But all of that is not certain, whatever the tournament in the future, hopefully it will make the ladies scene even more developed.

Previously, SPIN Esports had also held a ladies’ tournament FEST Mobile Legends and PUBGM. Hopefully in the future there will be more follow-up tournaments and hopefully MPL Ladies can really exist.

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