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Is Global Ban Necessary for MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML)?

Mobile Legends is currently holding the MPL ID Season 10 tournament. The tournament is indeed a lot of enthusiasts who watch the match between the Mobile Legends team. Previously, there was a discourse on the implementation of Global Ban. So Is Global Ban Necessary In MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML)?

Global Ban is one of the unique rules and systems in a MOBA game. Global Ban Pick is a system that should make players grow.

However, for now, the Global Ban is not implemented in MPL ID Season 10. But by not implementing it, does it make the MPL ID Season 10 tournament suitable to be implemented?

Is Global Ban Necessary for MPL ID Mobile Legends (ML)?

Indeed, there are many opinions about the pluses and minuses regarding the implementation of the Global Ban. There are pros and cons, because the Global Ban is intended to develop players to be able to use any hero. But with that also made some strategies also changed from each team staff.

Indeed, if we look at the MPL ID tournament itself, for the use of heroes that are only META. As for the heroes outside of META, they are rarely seen and never even during the tournament.

There was a team that did a pick out of the box draft with the cheese strat they had and it also made the audience quite enthusiastic to be able to watch it.

But even so, there are still many who do not agree about this because it can harm some teams with the strategy they currently have.

So the conclusion is that Global Ban is needed in terms of developing players and entertaining fans but it still takes time for the teams to prepare.

That’s the explanation of Global Ban for MPL Indonesia. What do you think about the Global Ban?