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How To Watch Videos With Face Detection App On Android

As we all know that currently the development of technology is increasingly rapid, of course with the development of mobile devices such as smartphones, where smartphones themselves have many roles in our daily lives. Septemberbe if we look first, technological progress is identical to city people, but now with the emergence of these technological advances, people in remote areas can also enjoy the technology.

How To Watch Videos With Face Detection App On Android

Of course the presence of smartphones has a positive impact and convenience for people’s lives in all fields. Even now, not only with smartphones, people have their needs met. However, they also need some other useful factors, for example some people want to see entertainment, play games etc. so between smartphones and their needs is an inescapable factor.

Well, maybe with the emergence of various types of applications, then now we can find the solution we have been looking for all this time to find our needs, therefore you can find a number of applications directly in the Google Playstore store, because there you will find applications that can help in solving the problem. your problem.

And maybe on this occasion I will discuss an application that I think is quite unique, and cool. Why is it unique because we use a front camera sensor as a face detector. Okay, so the application that I discuss this time is the whale face application.

Face pause is an application that allows its users to stop

a video by avoiding a smartphone screen, so when you see a video the video will play continuously, but when your face turns away from the screen your video will automatically pause or pause and this will start again when you look at the screen again.

This application takes advantage of the face detection frequency, so you can take advantage of watching streaming videos, now with this application you will be easy and fast when you stop playing your streaming videos. If you are lazy to use your hands to wipe the screen this application is suitable for you to use.

How To Watch Videos With Face Detection Applications On Android:

  • Please download the application face pause on google play store.
How To Watch Videos With Face Detection App On Android
  • if it is as usual, please install and allow this application to access your device.
  • Then, just activate it by sliding the panel to the right in this application.
How To Watch Videos With Face Detection App On Android
  • and then you can play videos that you like, such as streaming videos on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.
  • and when the video is not watched, the screen will pause and the color of the screen becomes a bit dark. Meanwhile, when your face is watching it again, the video will continue to play.

That’s an easy way to watch videos with face pause face detection app on android. Hopefully it can make a better experience when watching movies or videos on an Android phone. Thank you and see you in the next post.