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How to Vote Map Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released many very cool latest updates for you to try playing right now. Especially for How to Vote Map Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Free Fire (FF), as a selection event for the players themselves. So decide which Map is suitable to get a lot of total prizes in competitions like this.

The events that appear in the Free Fire game are also quite a lot, just finish each mission right now. So that later we can immediately get the main prize which is so cool, understand everything that has appeared in this game now. So that you can get lots of interesting and cool prizes from these missions.

Now, Craftland Virtual X Free Fire is appearing, an Independence event for 2022 so that players can design a Map with the theme of September 17th. Designing fun playing this game with a variety of prizes, the players whose Map is selected will enter the Voting Phase to be able to determine who the prize will be.

You can immediately know how to vote for Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Free Fire (FF .)), of course very easy to do. But remember to make the choice that you really like, because that determines the taste of each.

How to Vote Map Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Free Fire (FF)

  1. Enter the Free Fire Game

    We can directly enter the Free Fire game first, then we can do Vote Map Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 right now. This voting period will only last from 12-21 September 2022.

  2. Choose Craftland Mode

    Next, you have to select Craftland Mode first, so you can vote later. There will be many choices from this play mode, so you can look for CVX themes for new themes like this right now.

  3. Try CVX Map Like This First

    Then you can immediately try the CVX Vote Map which has appeared now, it will become more and more exciting for you to try. Determine your taste for voting after you have tested one of the existing maps.

  4. Like the Map You Like

    If you have done this now, we will immediately give a Like to give the Vote to this existing contestant. Be the best choice in the grand prize right now, so it would be really cool for you to try it right now.

  5. Wait for the announcement of who won

    Later, after the Vote contest like this is over, then on September 22, 2022 the winner will be announced by the Free Fire game. So we can immediately see whether the Map that you Vote won or not.

Of course with some good things into the Free Fire game, it turns out to give a very cool main prize too. Especially for the presence of the newest Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Vote Map for us to try right now.

How to Vote Map Craftland Virtual X Independence 2022 Free Fire (FF)

Then you can also try the Free Fire Craftland Level Up Tips, so that later we can immediately receive lots of gifts from here. As a good choice for players to have now, so you won’t be short of attractive main prize resources like this.

You can immediately try the Craftland Virtual X Independence Free Fire (FF) Map Vote Map, as a good choice. Of course it’s the best choice for Vote, so that later you can get the main and cool prize like that right now.

Players can get Strapped Trap Free Fire Bundles, can make your character cool if you use this now. Being the right bundle and having a cool picture like that, it will look different when you use it too.