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How to unroot a samsung android phone

Unroot on samsung android phone – Root activity is indeed familiar to our ears, but if your Samsung Android phone has not been rooted and wants to be rooted. Septemberbe you need to read the previous post, namely:
Easy way to root samsung android phone without pc.

But sometimes after rooting on Android sometimes you think you want to return the phone to its original state, which is not rooted. However, if you want to return your phone to an unrooted condition, you have to do something called unroot. The method is quite easy, no need to download the application again to unroot, but simply by opening the application used when rooting.

unroot android

Let’s look at the following steps, namely how to unroot a Samsung Android smartphone.

  • The first step is to open the kinguser application.
  • After that click on the settings icon as shown in the screenshot below.

kinguser settings
  • Then a display will appear in the settings, then select it I remove root permission which means remove root access. As in the following screenshot image.

remove root permission
  • And the last step is after clicking remove root permission as above, a display of remove root permission will appear as shown in the screenshot below. Then click clear and the unrooting process will start.
clear root

After the unrooting process is complete, the phone will automatically return to its initial state, namely unroot. And usually the kinguser application will be deleted by itself.