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How to Turn Videos into iPhone Lockscreen

Lately, there are a lot of ways to make videos into iPhone lockscreens with the Live Photo feature. Actually this feature has become a default feature on every iPhone 6s series and above. But the choice of Live Photos available is very limited and on average only in the form of animation.

But now, you can turn any video you want into a Live Photo and set it to lockscreen. And to do so, you only need one built-in app called VideoToLive which is also available on the App Store.

How to Turn Videos into iPhone Lockscreen

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How to Turn Videos into iPhone Lockscreen

So in this tutorial, we will divide it into 2 parts. That is how to make a video into a Live Photo and then how to set it to a lockscreen. And of the two ways here you can, you can follow the one you think is easier to do, or if you really want to try both, that’s okay too. Well for those of you who want to know, please follow the steps below.

1. How to Turn Video into Live Photo

  • First, you need to download an app called VideoToLive the one in the App Store first
  • Then open the application
  • Now search videos which you want to make Live Photo
  • Because the maximum duration of the video is 30 seconds, please trim or cut the video to no more than 30 seconds
  • If so, now is the time to determine the thumbnail or wallpaper
  • Slide the gray slider to the frame you want to make the lockscreen
  • If all is done, now click Convert and wait for the process to finish

Since the VideoToLive app is free, you may see a few ads before the conversion process begins. Therefore, wait a moment for the process to take place.

2. How to Make Live Photo Lockscreen

  • After the Live Photo of the video you selected has been created, it’s time to make this Live Photo a lockscreen.
  • First, go to Arrangement or Settings
  • Continue to menu Wallpapers
  • Then click Choose New Wallpaper
  • Now select the live photo file that you created earlier
  • Make sure you select the video to Live Photo mode
  • Now click Set and select Set to Lockscreen

That’s how to make a video into the iPhone lockscreen. For iPhone users under 6s, you may need another additional app to set this Live Video file to lock screen.