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How to Turn an Android Camera into a Webcam with a USB Cable

Android smartphone camera becomes a Laptop/PC webcam – At this time Android smartphones have experienced many developments along with the times. And there are lots of features that can be used or utilized to make it easier to do our daily activities. And one of them is to turn the smartphone camera into a PC/laptop webcam camera. For those who don’t have a webcam, you can just use your cellphone camera.

Android smartphone camera becomes a Laptop/PC webcam

Because this webcam is quite useful if you like to chat online. Such as Skype, Camfrog and so on. Just by connecting your android smartphone camera to a computer device. So if you don’t want to buy your own webcam, you can also use smartphone technology.

then the webcam feature on this smartphone can be done in several ways and additional software is also needed to make it, but this time young warrior45 will use additional software called droidcam to turn a smartphone camera into a webcam. And this way I prove it so easily. Furthermore, the connection to this application can also be done in several ways including using a USB cable and can also be done wirelessly. And according to the title above, what will be used here is by using a cable USB to activate it.

The steps are as follows:

On mobile:

  • Activate first developer options to connect the USB cable to the PC (USB debugging) then put a tick. For more details, see the image below
USB debugging
  • Then download the droidcam application on the playstore, the application is free. After that then install the application.
Droidcam download

On PC/laptop:

  • Install the droidcam client application for pc version 6.0 full offline. And also install the USB driver for mobile phones according to the type of your cellphone, for example, if you use Samsung, you download the USB driver for Samsung.
After both of the above you have prepared and installed everything, now is the time to test guts try:

1. Connect the cellphone using a USB cable to the PC/laptop device.

2. First check whether the connection USB debugging we are connected or not. You can look at computer – right click – properties – device manager – search android ADB interface, if it already exists, it means it is connected. Below is an example of a display image when using a Samsung Android phone.

ADB interface

3. Then return to your android screen by opening the droidcam application, just wait when a notification appears, just select ok. As in the image below.


4. Also open the droidcam application on the computer screen. Well, if you have entered the menu, select the USB symbol. Click the video to display the image, click the audio to display the sound, then click start.

Droid client

Now that’s done, now you can make your android camera webcam with video calls or recording or just for photos.
Thus posting an article on this occasion about how to turn android camera into webcam with USB cable. Hopefully it can be useful and increase knowledge. Ok good luck and good luck. That is all and thank you.

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