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How to Solve Xiaomi Cellphone Signal Lost or No Network Service

Have you ever experienced a situation where the signal on your cellphone suddenly disappeared? Of course this is very annoying is not it?. Without a signal on the cellphone, we can’t do much with the cellphone or cellphone that we have, because almost every activity we do on the cellphone requires a signal. Just like when surfing the internet or browsing, of course it requires a signal as an internet connection. And if there is no signal, then surely you will find the connection is lost or there is no network service.

Actually there is another alternative way that we can use to overcome the signal on the cellphone that just disappears, namely we can take advantage of the existing wifi network. But as we all know that getting a free wifi network is not easy and sometimes the location is not in a location that is easy for us to reach. So inevitably we have to know what are the things that cause the cellphone signal to suddenly disappear.

If the signal is lost due to electricity interference from PLN or interference from each of its providers, it is normal because all of them will experience the same interference. For example, when the weather is bad. But if you experience it alone, it’s not natural, so you need to know the cause of the loss of signal on the cellphone.

And of the many android phones, it turns out that the xiaomi cellphone has the highest risk of experiencing a lost signal. And one of the reasons why the xiaomi cellphone has no signal or the signal is lost, one of which is because many are distributed not to Indonesia but instead to Indonesia. But you also need to know some of the factors that can cause signal loss on a xiaomi cellphone. Here is the review.

1. Due to Errors from Provider Operators

There is a common and most common factor experienced by xiaomi users whose signal is lost or there is no network service, namely because of interference from the provider operator. For example, we lose our cellular network on our Telkomsel, XL, or other cards. Now to check whether the signal is damaged because the provider is very easy, where you can check using another card from the card you are currently using. If it turns out to be able to surf, it is clear that this is a disturbance from the provider operator.

Now for how to overcome the lost signal due to an incident like this, we have to patiently wait until the operator fixes the damage to the cellular network.

2. As a result of the damaged SIM card used

You can check with your friends whether your friends who are using the same card experience signal interference or not. For example, if you use a Telkomsel card and your friends use the same card, if only your cellphone has network problems, it is certain that you have a damaged sim card.

Now for the fix, you can open the sim card that you have and then you clean it using an eraser on the chip. Then plug it back in, where you can make sure the network signal has reappeared or not.

3. Consequences of Wrong Settings

Have you ever tried to change the settings on the xiaomi signal on a fixed 4G xiaomi signal?? if so, it’s your own fault, because the area we visit doesn’t always support 4G networks.

Now the way to fix it is, please change the SIM network settings by setting it to LTE preferred or LTE prioritized so that our signal gets a stable signal according to the support of the place.

4. Due to Software Damage

Now many Xiaomi users are experiencing signal loss due to software or software damage. Where point number 4 is what is very dangerous, because with our ignorance, it is usually careless to install third-party applications into xiaomi phones without considering the side effects. There are many possibilities from this third-party application that a virus or malware enters our smartphone so that it will damage our signal network. And usually for the application itself, it is an application that is not obtained through the Google Play Store, because the Google Play Store application is safe from viruses. Therefore, do not be careless in installing unknown applications.

Now for how to fix it, you can do a factory reset or by flashing again or you can also replace the xiaomi ROM.

5. Finally due to hardware damage

Usually the signal damage to the hardware is located on the signal IC. You can see the characteristics of android that are damaged by the power signal IC as follows:

  • No signal.
  • Unstable signal intermittent.
  • The signal disappeared suddenly when it was ON for the first time then suddenly disappeared completely.
  • Turns off when making calls and receiving calls.
  • Phone failed.
  • Wasteful battery and completely dead.

The easiest way to fix this is that you can bring your xiaomi phone to the nearest service center, where there you can explain in detail what damage has happened to your cellphone.