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How to Show Hidden Friend Status on BBM Android

Re-display friend status hidden in BBM android – BBM application is a chat application that provides various interesting features. And one of its features is BBM/BBM feeds. In this feature, it will display all activities from BBM contacts. Such as changing the status of the image or text, changing the BBM DP (BBM display picture), displaying the BBM channel and also displaying the music that is being listened to by our BBM contact friends.

If in the previous post the article discussed was about how to hide friend status feed on BBM android. But this time what will be discussed is about how to re-display a friend’s hidden status on BBM android.
Of course, if the status on BBM has been hidden, surely one day we will want to display the status of the friends we are hiding. For that, please note that your friend’s status is hidden, so if your BBM contact friend makes a status, your friend’s status will no longer appear on the BBM feed as long as your friend’s status is still hidden. Therefore, if you want to display the hidden BBM status, the method is actually easy.

For that it would be better to follow these steps:

  • The first step is open the BBM app on your android device.
  • Then select the menu I. In my menu view there are general settings, chats, contacts, notifications, groups and more. to display it will look like in the image below.
contact settings on BBM android

After going to my menu, then click on contact settings as in the picture above which I circled with a red line.

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  • After that select the blocked contacts and feeds. As in the image below.

Blocked contacts and feeds

  • After that on the blocked contacts and feeds, click on the feed. Then a list of hidden statuses will appear. If you want to display the status of a BBM contact friend, by pressing and holding the status of a BBM contact friend, then delete it by clicking on the trash icon in the upper right corner. As in the image below.
block feed

Okay, maybe that’s all the article posting on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful and good luck. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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