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How to Show Android Screen Display to Computer/Laptop Screen

How to Show Android Screen Display to Computer/Laptop Screen – Currently, there are many applications available in the Playstore that function to support our daily activities. For example, an application to display the Android screen onto a computer or laptop screen. Of course, with technology like this, all of our activities on smartphones can be easily accessed. it’s easy for us to monitor clearly through our computer or laptop. However, from the number of applications on the Playstore that I had tried, many experienced problems with the application, including Android devices that did not support the application.

How to Show Android Screen Display to Computer/Laptop Screen

Well on this occasion the admin will share an easy way to connect the android smartphone screen with your computer screen. Well after so many applications that I tried, I found an application that
work it really where is this app called screen mirrorWell, for those of you Android smartphone users, the first step is that you can immediately prepare this application, and this application has a small size and you can directly download it on Google Playstore for free.

This application is very easy to use and also very smooth. While this method can be done without the help of root access, so you don’t have to worry about using this application.

And keep in mind also that your Android device must be in the same internet network, because the basic method is to access it using an IP address.

And for those of you who are curious, let’s just take a look at the easy steps on how to display the Android screen onto a computer or laptop screen.

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What needs to be prepared:

  1. Please download the screen mirror application on your android smartphone (free on playstore).
  2. Connect your computer device and also your Android smartphone device in one internet network.
  • The first step, please open the screen mirror application on your Android smartphone, then click the logo icon in the lower right corner as shown below.

Screen mirror app
  • Next this application will ask us to scan a barcode.
  • Now on your computer/laptop, you can open a site called
  • then the site will display a barcode code.

how to use screen mirror app
  • Temporary application screen mirror What you have prepared on Android can be directly scanned on the site that you have opened on your computer.

  • If there is a notification on your smartphone, you can click start.

  • Now automatically after you scan ma your android smartphone display will appear on your computer screen. To clarify, you can click max screen size.
How To Show Android Screen Display To Computer Screen

That’s a short tutorial on how to connect the Android screen to your computer screen. Hopefully this tutorial can be useful and can also increase knowledge for all of you. See you again in the next article post and don’t forget to share this article for other users who want to try.