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How to Share Animated GIF Stickers on Whatsapp Application Easily

How to share unique stickers on whatsapp app – Whatsapp is a very popular application for interacting with other people. And now, WhatsApp also supports sending and receiving moving images or animated GIFs. GIF itself stands for Graphics Interchange Format. Many users also search for GIFs on google and other sites. Although of the many existing GIFs, not all of these GIF formats can be taken and used in the WhatsApp application. Only certain GIF formats can be used as animated stickers.

Therefore, we will now discuss practical applications that provide animated stickers for the WhatsApp service. Basically the function of animation is as a medium to express our feelings and emotions to others through an animated sticker. So it will seem more interesting. Because in the WhatsApp application, unfortunately, there is no original sticker feature, but we can still use several ways. And this time we will use a smartphone application that has many GIF stickers for whatsapp that can be used for free.

This application is called the GIPHY sticker application, maybe some of you have heard of it or this is the first time. Please note that this mobile application is the largest GIF sharing application, so that later it will help users to share animated GIF stickers on almost all messenger platforms. So not only for whatsapp but can also be used for other messengers.

Now to send this animated sticker, you have to download the application first on the Google Playstore. After that, you can specify and select the collection of animated GIF stickers that you want to send. Then how to send a GIF signal to other people?. And for how you can follow the steps below:

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  • Download and install the application GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine directly through google play store. And then open the application. See the screenshot image below.
How to share animated GIF stickers on whatsapp app
  • Then select the GIF sticker that you want to send to your friends’ contacts. Here you can enter any keyword in the search field. The following is a display of the GIPHY application.
send GIF stickers to whatsapp friends with GIPHY app

  • If so, then click on the share icon and then select the WhatsApp application to use to share this sticker. For more details, you can see the following screenshot image.
Unique and funny stickers that we can share on whatsapp
  • Next you select the contact you want to send then click on the check mark. As in the screenshot below.
how to send animated GIF stickers on whatsapp

Well that was easy way to share stickers on whatsapp using the GIPHY application. This GIPHY application has various emulations such as animations, GIF emoticons, and other types of gifs. If you’re curious, just install this application, so you can be different from your other friends.

Finally, maybe so many posts at this time may be useful and thank you.

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