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How to Set Video in the Open Camera Application to the Maximum

How to Set Video in the Open Camera Application – For those who like to make videos but only have minimal capital, for example, they only have a cellphone camera, so you don’t have to worry anymore. Because now with only a smartphone or cellphone, you can make your videos and photos with good results and not inferior to the results of a DSLR camera.

Well on this occasion I will share a tip or how to use an open camera application that can make your work much cooler and better. And in my opinion, this Open camera application is highly recommended for the needs of Videography and Photography that only has a camera on a cellphone.

For me this open camera application does not have many filters or effects that we can use, however, this application has some special features that can give users to adjust a lot MANUAL MODE. So this mode will make users feel like they are using a DSLR camera.

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And some of the features that you can set in the open camera application include settings Manual Focus, ISO Shutter Speed, and so on. And so that the results can be maximized in using the open camera application, then you need to do the open camera video settings. And here we have written down some things that need to be set in the open camera application in maximizing its use.


  • First you can enter the menu
    settings-video settings
how to set open camera video on android

  • Please click on video resolution and choose on the highest ratio which is di 4K.
  • Also activate on video
    so that your video is stable, yes.
how to set open camera application on android


  • Please set the video bitrate to position
    100mbps.that is enough. If it’s set at 150, I’m afraid your cellphone isn’t strong or lags.
how to use the open camera application to make it more leverage

  • So the bitrate is the number of bits that are processed every second in a video file when the video is playing,what effect???so the bigger the video bitrate video, the sharper the results obtained, but on the contrary, the smaller the bitrate, the more blurry your video quality will be. Oh yes, don’t forget to prepare a large memory, so that your smartphone still has free space.


  • Then set the video frame rate to a number 24 or 25.
how to set open camera application and how to use it

  • So what is frame rate? meaning the number of picture frames or frames shown every second in making a moving image, the unit is in fps. (frames per second) means the higher the fps the smoother the moving image will be. Especially if it is set in cinematic video, if the fps is high, the slower The motion will look great…


  • then you can also set up for audio on an external mic. where if you want good audio you can use an external mic, which you can enter the menu settings-video settings-audio source- and select External Mic.

how to set open camera on android

So, those are some tips or how to set open camera video so that it is maximized. Hopefully the above method can help you in making photo or video works with cool results. Thanks and good luck trying it.