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How to Send Files from Computer to Android Super Fast

Send files from PC or laptop to android – A pc or computer and also a smartphone is a device that I consider important where both are a device or devices that are always inseparable from each other. Where there is a time when we need or backup data from mobile phones with files that have a large capacity, therefore we often need a computer or laptop as a temporary file storage medium. Because a computer or laptop has a large hard drive or memory storage.

There are many ways to send files from a smartphone or vice versa with various media such as data cable, usb, otg, or by bluetooth, but the media still takes a long time. Because it can take up a lot of time. Especially if the condition is forgotten to bring a data cable or a laptop that does not support bluetooth, of course the file transfer will not be carried out.

Well this time we will try to send files super fast with wifi technology. Where at this time all android smartphones must already have a wifi or hotspot feature. Furthermore, for a PC or laptop now it also supports the wifi feature. Therefore we can take advantage of this feature to transfer files super fast. In addition, sending this file also does not have to be close to each other, so as long as it is connected, sending files can still be sent quickly and for free.

To perfect file transfer activities, we only need one application, namely the application
share it.
Well share it android and also share it for pc or laptop. To get the share it application on Android, you can download it for free on the Play Store application. While share it for your pc, you can download it on the browser with the official share it website. Share it can be used to send files or transfer files from a PC to a smartphone or vice versa quickly.

To explain how to send files super fast, take a good look at the steps below:

  • The first thing to do is open the share it application on an android smartphone. Then enter the menu Settings then select option Connect PC. Then select the option PC Search Mobile. For more details, you can see in the image below.
share it application on android smartphone

  • Next, open the Share it application on your PC or laptop. Then click or select Search Hotspot Of Mobile. Then wait for it to appear avatar from your android smartphone. And if it appears then click on the avatar. As you can see in the image below.
Share it application on pc or computer

  • Proceed to start sending files. You can send files in the form of images, videos, music, games, documents and so on.
send fle from share it on pc

  • If you have sent the results you can see in the share it application on android. And this method proved to be very fast.
how to send files from computer to android with share it app

That’s it how to send files from computer to android fast by using the share it application. Hopefully this method can be useful for you.
And enough posts on this occasion, thank you and good luck.

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