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How to see passwords that have been typed on Android and computers

How to see passwords that have been typed on a computer / Android – Of course we as ordinary people often experience forgetting passwords or passwords for social media accounts that we have or accounts from sites that we previously registered. Sometimes this can be frustrating when it’s time to try to enter a password or a remembered password and it turns out to be the wrong password.

Well, if you have tried several times to enter a password or password that you yourself forgot, and are looking for a way to see the password or password that has been typed on your Android or computer, because you are confused and don’t know what to do, then visit here may be one of the tips for friends who have forgotten passwords on android or computer.

Usually to see or find out passwords on Android or computers, what you can try to check is the browser application that you have installed and have used. And if you are a Windows user or if your cellphone is an Android cellphone, then the Google Chrome browser is the browser that we must check, because maybe you have previously typed a password or password when logging into a website and the password was saved in the Google browser. We.

Well, then how to see the passwords that have been logged on a computer or android on google chrome? For more details on how to check it please can directly follow the steps below.

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How to See Passwords Ever Typed on Android

  • Run the google chrome application on your android phone, then press on the 3 point in the upper right corner, then select the “settings” menu.
  • Then tap on the “password” menu option
  • After that, a list of passwords that have previously logged in on cellphones stored on chrome android will immediately appear, and here you just have to choose one of them, for example here I choose to see facebook passwords.
How to see passwords that have been typed on Android
  • Then you will be taken to the Facebook password information page, to see the password behind the dot, you press the eye icon as shown in the following image, and later the password will be visible.

How to View Passwords Ever Typed on a Computer / PC

  • Run google chrome on your computer or laptop,
  • Then press on the dot 3 which is on the top right of the computer screen, then continue by clicking “settings”
  • After that, on the existing display, look for and select the “password” menu. And then the password of the saved account will appear immediately.
  • If among the list of existing passwords, is the password for the account you are looking for, then just click on it, for example here I am an example to see my gmail account, then just press it once on the eye icon, to see the password hidden behind the dot symbol, and once clicked, the password or password will be displayed immediately. and done.
How to see passwords that have been typed on a computer

That’s the information about how to see the passwords that have been typed on Android or computers that I can share with all of you who come to this blog. Hopefully this short information can be useful for all of you. Thank you and good luck with the tutorial.