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How to see the Android version on all types of Oppo phones

Knowing the version of the Oppo android phone that we use is important for us to know. This will be very useful, when it’s time for us to experience problems such as not being able to run certain applications or games on the Oppo cellphone that we use. Because usually when we install an application or game, there will be a description of the device requirements, such as which version of Android is used, and so on. Therefore, if the android version on our cellphone turns out to be less than expected, it cannot run the application.

For how to see the Android version on an Oppo cellphone, it’s quite easy and it even seems that the way to check the Android version on an Oppo cellphone that I share will be able to work on all types of Oppo cellphones, such as Oppo A37F, A57, A5s, and so on. And you don’t even need to install additional applications to be able to see the Android version on Oppo, but users can simply see it in the settings menu, precisely on information about the phone.

how to see android version on oppo phone

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For more details about the guide on how to view the android version on an Oppo phone, you can follow the steps below.

1. The first stage we go directly to the settings menu or settings on the Oppo cellphone.

2. Next scroll down the screen, among the available menu options, we select the “about cell phone” menu.

3. After that, then you can see information on your Oppo phone, including you can find out the device name or type of your Oppo cellphone, model, colorOS version, and can also see the Android version on your Oppo cellphone, and other information such as device memory, RAM , kernel version and so on.

how to see android version on oppo phone

In addition to using the above method, we can also find out the android version of our oppo cellphone based on its name. Because we know android has many version names, such as jelly bean, kit kat, lollipop, marshmallow, nougat, oreo, pie, and android 10. Usually when we check the version the android version logo will appear, so how to do it when we want to check on the oppo cellphone , then it can be in the following way.

how to see android version on oppo phone

When you are on the menu about the cellphone, in step 3 above, then click a few times on the android version, then after that an animation of the android version logo will immediately appear. For example, here I check the version of the Oppo cellphone that I use, namely the Oppo A5s using the Android Oreo version. See the image below.

Well, so that’s how to see the android version on the oppo cellphone that we use. Thus we can find out what android version is our oppo cellphone, is it version 8.1.0, or version 9 or other versions. September be useful.