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How to remove the underscore on the Realme cellphone keyboard

How to remove the underscore on the Realme cellphone keyboard – Most Android phones have several predefined fonts and text styles. Some fonts have a line under the text, which many people don’t like at all. This usually happens if spelling or autocorrect is enabled. By turning it off, you can avoid underlined text that you don’t want to appear.

In this article, we will tell you how to remove underscores when typing on a realme cellphone. This quick guide will help you convert underlined text to plain text or no red underline while typing. So, feel free to read it, and also follow this tutorial that we share.

How to remove the underscore on the Realme cellphone keyboard

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How to Remove Underscores on Realme Phones When Typing

To remove or remove the red underline on the writing that we type on the realme android cellphone keyboard, we can do it in an easy way, you can follow the simple steps listed below.

  • First you can open the message or sms application on the realme cellphone.
  • After that tap on the column to write a message, until the keyboard or keyboard display appears.
  • If you have, you long tap on the comma button (,) until a gear icon appears. Well, you navigate to the gear icon to enter the settings menu or keyboard settings.
  • Furthermore, if you have entered in the settings, continue after that select the “text correction” menu.
  • After that you scroll down, then turn it off on the “spelling correction” menu. And after the feature is disabled or turned off, now if you go back and start typing on your realme hp keyboard, a red underline will not appear while typing.

Well, so that’s the tutorial on how to remove the underscore on the realme hp keyboard when typing. Hopefully the above review can solve the problem you are currently experiencing regarding the realme keyboard that appears underscores when typing. That’s it and good luck.

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