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How to Remove Scribbles on Android Photos Without Destroying Photos

How to remove doodles on android photos – Often we find a photo or image from social media applications such as Instagram or WhatsApp and Telegram chat applications. Whether it’s a photo sent from a group that is joined, obtained from screenshots of other people’s WhatsApp or Instagram status or indeed a photo sent by a friend in our community.

Well, the feature of making doodles on Instagram stories or on the WhatsApp application, it makes it easier for users to mark photos by giving them doodles on photos they have before sending them to friends. This usually has the goal so that people who see our images can easily and immediately understand the essence of the photo.

And if you are in a condition you want to save it as a collection in your android cellphone gallery, or really intend to repost the photo or image. So you yourself need to delete the graffiti in the photo, of course you can do it easily if you use an Android phone.

This is because now there are a lot of photo or image editing android applications on the Playstore with full features. And one of them is an application called “picsart”. We can download this application on the playstore for free. And we can use it to remove unwanted objects in photos.

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And before we go on about how to remove doodles in photos with Picsart, we first understand how the application works. And how it works is by copying the surrounding area in the image or photo. So you will not see the original image that has been crossed out or here we will only manipulate the image.

And for the steps how to remove streaks on android photos without destroying photosthen you see what we have written below.

  • First, of course, we first download the picsart android application, and then we open the application.
  • Then press the plus sign icon to start creating a new photo editing project, and after that you select a photo or image from those stored in our cellphone gallery.
  • Next you select the “tools” menu, then select the “Clone” menu.
How to Remove Scribbles on Android Photos Without Destroying Photos
  • To start deleting streaks in a photo, first press the targeting for the part of the photo you want to clone.
How to Remove Scribbles on Android Photos Without Destroying Photos
  • And then you do shading on the graffiti or object in the photo that you want to delete using the brush tool.
  • And if in the process of shading there is an error, then you can press delete.
How to Remove Scribbles on Android Photos Without Destroying Photos
  • And when it’s finished, you can press the checklist at the top right of the screen, then save it to your cellphone gallery, or if you want to send it directly to a friend on WhatsApp or Instagram, then you can press the share icon.

Okay, done already how to remove doodles on android photos with picsart app. So it’s pretty easy for sure, right? Well, if later the results are seen that there are still traces removed, then you can disguise it by giving certain effects that are available in this picsart application. That is all and thank you.