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How to Remove Ads on BBM Android Easily

How to Remove Ads on BBM Android – BBM application or blackberry messenger is a very popular application almost all smartphone users use it. Especially for OS android, because almost every android-based smartphone, install the application. In terms of use, this application is a chat application which in addition to having interesting features this application is also fairly comfortable and safe in terms of communicating with other people. Many things can be done using this BBM application which include creating status messages, uploading pictures or photos, commenting on other people’s statuses, sending and receiving messages, creating channels, creating voice messages and many other things that can be done.

But in this BBM application there are so many ads. Usually several advertisements from various products appear on the sidelines of the status of your friends. Of course this will make us uncomfortable, especially when we are browsing or reading the statuses made by our friends, we accidentally click on an ad of course if we click on an ad we will automatically be redirected to the ad page. would be very annoying right? If you are bothered by advertisements, you can get rid of them easily. Because on this occasion we will discuss how to get rid of ads on BBM android easily.

The following are the steps to take:

First of all, open your favorite BBM application, once it’s open then select the menu tab BBM feeds or fuel feed. After that click on the drop down menu which is located next to the words BBM feeds / BBM feeds. Or for more details, look at the screenshot below and click on the part I circled in red.

fuel feeds/BBM feeds

After clicking on the drop down menu, 3 menus will appear, namely all/all, contacts/contact, and channel/channel. And by default on the menu All/all there will be a check mark. As in the following screenshot image.

menu all/All

For information on all menus, contacts and channels, you can see the table below.

all/Allwill display all posts from the BBM channel or the latest status posts made by your friends and also all ads from various products.
contactwill only display the latest statuses made by your friends only.
channel/Channelwill display posts from the BBM channel and also advertisements from various products.

From the information in the table above, if we want remove ads on the BBM feeds menu tab or BBM feeds we only need to click on the menu contact. So that way, only the latest statuses from your friends will appear on the BBM feeds menu tab or BBM feeds. So no ads or channels will be shown.

But unfortunately this method is only temporary, so every time you exit the BBM application and reopen the BBM application by default the settings will return to the menu All/all. So if we don’t want to show ads again, we have to set it back like the way above.

Thus the post on this occasion about BBM tips: how to remove ads on BBM android easily. Hopefully it can be useful and good luck. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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