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How to Register Alight Motion for Beginners Easily

How to Register Alight Motion for Beginners – If you like to animate images or videos, then you can try using the alight motion application. This application can be downloaded for free through the Google play store.

Application developed by Alight Creative It has many advantages compared to other similar applications. For example, more choices of fonts and effects, no watermarks, unlimited sound effects, and many others.

If other applications can only edit one video in one editing process, in contrast to Alight Pro, which can directly edit two to three videos at once.

And indeed this one video editing application is indeed viral and its prestige is increasing compared to other similar applications.

How to Register Alight Motion for Beginners

Alight Motion Tutorial:

How to Register Alight Motion for Beginners

Actually, even without creating an account, you can still create projects on the application. However, even creating an account is not a problem.

You need to know, both the free version and the pro version both have the feature to create an account. For more details, let’s follow the guide and how to register on alight pro directly from your smartphone:

  • The first step, please download and install Alight Motion app or what is commonly referred to as AM first on the google play store.
  • When it is finished, please open the application.
  • Click the profile icon in the top right corner.
  • Click sign in. Well here, you can log in using a Google account or a Facebook account.
  • After that you can start using the app. If it’s your first time using it, you don’t need to be confused because on the start page of the application there is already a tutorial that you can see

How to Apply Alight Motion Pro

In fact how to create an Alight Motion account for free or pro not much different. It’s just that, for Alight Pro you have to pay a subscription fee to the google play store using a credit card.

Later this fee will be automatically extended. But you can stop at any time if you don’t want to use it anymore.

So in conclusion, how to create an Alight Motion account is to log in using a google account or facebook account. Very easy isn’t it? Thank you and hopefully useful.

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