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How to Record Video on Android Secretly Without Holding the Cellphone

Applications that are on google play store more and more here. And sometimes because there are so many applications, it can make us confused if we are looking for the desired application. Because indeed millions of unique applications always appear in the Playstore, bringing with them the distinctive features of each application. And one of them is an application that we can say is a sophisticated application. And maybe this time you just realized it and of course we can use it for various purposes.

And on this occasion we will review an advanced application called background video recorder. What kind of application is that? Well, for those of you who like to make videos every day or take certain moments, then you can take advantage of this one application. So we can use this application to record video secretly without having to open the camera application.

So this application is perfect for those of you who want to record videos without being noticed by others without being afraid of being caught. And of course this one application you can use to record videos secretly for a reason such as fear of disturbing their privacy. Well, for how you can follow the steps below:

How to record video on Android secretly without holding a cellphone:

  • First download and install the application called Background video recorder.
how to record video secretly without getting caught
  • If so, open the application and then click accept and click icon camcorder to do the application settings first.
app to record video secretly on android
  • Continue by clicking allow
    displayed in other applications. And proceed with allowing access on this application.
how to record video secretly on android without holding a cellphone
  • Well, after that the application will automatically record video directly, but you can set it by opening the notification window down on the application that is running then select clock icon
    to set the recording time. You can set it from set date, time, duration, front/back camera and so on. If it is set, then continue by selecting schedule.
How to Record Video on Android Secretly Without Holding the Cellphone
  • For the next stage, you just have to start trying it, you can just put it in your pocket to record video automatically by selecting the target or moment you want to record.