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How to Record Screen Activity Using Chrome Browser

Record or Record screen activity via chrome browser – Have you ever thought about how to record screen activity in browser? because it turns out that by using the Google Chrome browser we can record activity in the browser. And to record it is not so difficult, you just need to use the extension on chrome. Only with chrome extension that is by using screencastify You can monitor it by recording all the activities done in your browser. And also not only can record activity on the chrome browser, but screencastify can also record any activity on the desktop as well. After installing the extension, you can see its icon in the upper right corner of the browser. There are several recording options available on the menu, namely to record tabs and can also record in desktop mode.

And here are the steps to record activity on the screen using screencastify:

  • The first step is to find and install screencastify on chrome web store.
  • If so, then click on add to chrome.
  • After that a tab will appear about confirmation questions, just click on add extensions. And then wait until the process of adding the extension is complete.

Like in the picture below.

easy way to record screen activity in browser

  • Furthermore, if it is finished, the screencastify icon will immediately appear on the top right of the browser. And for more details, see the following image.
record screen activity using the screencastify app
  • After that then restart your chrome or you can close chrome then re-enter.
  • The next step is to click the screencastify image icon then click setup access camera
  • Then click the video image icon and make the settings as shown in the image below. If so, then select Done.
an easy way to record screen activity on a computer with the screencastify application
  • Enter your save mode. At this step you can save or save to storage on Google Drive or on a local disk. Next, if you have, just click next.
how to record or record screen activity on the browser
  • Then a recording mode setting will appear, please set it according to your wishes. If you want to start recording select on desktop records. This is how it looks, can be seen in the image below.
app to record activity on screen with screencastify
  • When finished recording then click stop. And automatically the recording will be directly saved. And for the recording will be displayed or played directly after the recording is successfully saved.

Okay maybe that’s all this time’s post is about how to record screen activity using the chrome browser. Hopefully it can be useful and increase knowledge. Good luck and good luck. Thank you for your visit.

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