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How to Play Xbox 360 and PS4 Games on Android

How to Play Xbox 360 and PS4 Games on Android
How to Play Xbox 360 and PS4 Games on Android – The era of the arrival of cloud games has arrived, so that along with the development of technology, it is easier to operate. Gamers now don’t have to worry anymore about devices with low specifications that can run games with high quality. Because the computing process is organized and run on the server (cloud) and the devices we have are just to run it. So with this cloud technology we don’t need to think about high specifications to run the latest and latest games. However, because this process is accessed directly from the server, the internet bandwidth automatically swells. So it requires a super fast and stable internet connection for those of you who want to play this game in the cloud.

The games on the PS4 are almost the same as the Xbox 360 games. Only the developers are different. For those of you who are very fond of playing console games. You can try a different sensation. Only by using an android phone then you can play games that are on the xbox list. Of course it will be very interesting, right? This will definitely make you feel at home right?. Because your days are accompanied by playing games using only an Android smartphone. Now for the condition that your cellphone must use at least 512 ram and also a good and stable network. Because to play games on this Xbox list, you use the cloud feature. Features that use an internet connection to access them.

Here’s how to play Xbox 360 and PS4 games on Android:

  • The first step is to download VPN master. Then select the Hong Kong country and activate it.
How to be able to play xbox 360 games on android
  • After that, download the Gloud games application from the Google Playstore which you can get for free. The following is a picture of the appearance of the cloud games application.
emulator to play ps4 and xbox 360 games on android
  • Then you open the Gloud Game application. Then please login first with your email.
  • If it is then select the available game. But most of these options have to be paid.
how to play xbox games on android phone
  • And to use it for free you can choose the option free trial.
how to play ps4 games on android phone
  • Keep in mind to run this game you have to try an internet connection first. If your internet connection is strong and fast. You just got in.
play xbox and ps4 games with android phone
  • After that you can play the game by clicking start game.

Well that was how to play xbox 360 and PS4 games on android. It’s not easy enough to be able to play it.
Okay, maybe that’s all the article on this occasion may be useful and good luck trying it.

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