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How to Play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) Event – ​​Esportsku

Free Fire releases many events to make players receive attractive prizes from here easily. Then the appearance of How to Play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) event, you have to understand it first so that it will be good later. Because after playing this event, there are some prizes that you can receive too.

There are a lot of events that have appeared now, make sure you don’t miss them all. Because from here there are some new prizes that you must have, but complete the latest various Missions from the Event now. Only later after we do this, the prize will go directly to the account.

Pay attention to the September Special 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, one of the missions that we really shouldn’t miss. Since there are several other new gifts that we can have, it will be an opportunity for all of us who want to have an item like this.

So for How to Play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) event, pay close attention and don’t let it miss you. Of course with events like this, players will find it easy to immediately play and complete the mission.

How to Play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) Event

  1. Login Free Fire Game and Check Event

    You have to login to the Free Fire game first, then check the Events section that is currently available. The event will appear on September 2-16, 2022, so players have a long time to play and receive the prizes.

  2. Find and Select Web Event

    So, Find Me later is a Web Event, so you can immediately get the main prize from it. You will immediately see the main mission which will indeed provide options that you can have right now.

  3. Shuffle the Preferred Card

    Immediately we do Shuffle on the Card Options that are already available. Later the cards will be randomized all, but the situation will be immediately closed. So this way we can immediately start at the stage of playing the game right now.

  4. Collect the Token First

    Players must collect the Token first, so that it can be used in this Event game now. Then you will use 2 tokens to open 1 closed card so you can find out what pictures we get later.

  5. Open 3 Same Picture Cards To Get Prizes

    Then for How to Play this Find Me Event, you have to open the same 3 picture cards. So that later we can get the main prize right now. You can just try it now, so that later you can get this grand prize.

  6. Share Events to make it easier to play

    Players can share this event by pressing Share, then a code will appear that we can give to others. Just Copy and Paste on Social Media, this will help friends who are in need of event assistance. In fact, you will also get Bonus Tokens to play in the Event.

  7. Redeem Event Code

    The process for exchanging the Find Me event code is easy, you can press Share again later. Then later at the bottom of the code that we have there is a Claim Code, that is where we exchange the code given by a friend.

Of course, with How to Play the Find Me Event itself, it’s easy, you can do it right away. So later on, what kind of prizes will appear immediately, so we can immediately finish and receive the prize.

How to Play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) Event

Then along with the Unfold Free Fire Bundle Legend, one of the prizes that we can indeed get from here. Something that is the same and you can have it right now, will definitely provide the latest gifts for players to have right now.

After knowing how to play the Find Me Free Fire (FF) event, you can immediately try it yourself to get prizes. There are many things that we can really get from here, it’s quite fortunate when we want to have the prize later.

Along with the presence of a Way to Get Feral Fantasy Loot Box Free Fire, one of the new profitable prizes. You can immediately know and see this main prize easily again to have it.