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How to Move Address Bar in Chrome Via Android

Move address bar in chrome via android – if we often and feel comfortable browsing using the google chrome browser then you will try the features available on this google chrome. The features provided by Google Chrome are of course with the aim that we as users can feel comfortable when surfing the internet. In a browser, of course, there is an address bar. The address bar itself is a text field that displays a URL or web address. And surely you already know if in the address bar or address bar that is set on this chrome, by default it is at the top. But for those of you who are using Android phones or cellphones with large sizes. You must have felt some difficulties when you tried to type using your fingers, especially if you didn’t do it calmly, it could result in your smartphone falling.

If the address bar is located at the top you find it difficult to type. Then you can move it to the bottom. Then how to move the address bar to the bottom? that is, you only need to use the features chrome experimental to make the address bar settings change to the bottom of the screen. Chrome’s experimental feature is a feature that is still in the testing phase.

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Now to activate Chrome’s experimental features, you just have to type chrome;//flags in the address bar of your chrome browser. There you will be able to see some warnings like in the image below, with the intention of your Android trying one of the experimental features available. Well if you are sure you want to try it then scroll down and see the option chrome home android. If it is then activate it until it turns into a setting enable. As I did in the following image.

how to move address bar on google chrome

And if you have difficulty in doing the search you can write chrome home on column search. Then select activate. Well this function does not automatically change immediately. Because you have to restart chrome first. Then try logging in to chrome again.
If you are still having trouble and chrome is not working you can force stop the app by opening suit application app manager chrome force stop.

If so, please open your chrome again. The address bar should be at the bottom of the screen. As shown in the image below.

how to change the address bar position at the bottom in chrome

Of course, by changing the address bar at the bottom it will be easier when typing when browsing or browsing using Google Chrome. And of course it will be a new experience for you when you have fun on the internet.

If you want to restore these settings or settings back to their original state, just go to chrome;//flags then disable option on chrome home android.

How easy enough isn’t it how to move the address bar in chrome browser at the bottom of the screen?. You can directly try it on your Android smartphone.

Thus posting the article on this occasion, hopefully it can be useful. And also help so that your friends know it too by sharing this article with all your friends. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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