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How to Make a Video Following a Music Beat With an Android App

How to make a video to the beat of a song or music on android? Right now, editing music videos is like an audio spectrum. Where usually it is used as an Instagram story or also as a status on WhatsApp.

Looks interesting doesn’t it? Well, if you know how to make audio spectrum music videos, or have ever tried to make your own, it will definitely be difficult to use an application like kinemaster, or to take the spectrum in other applications such as avee player for example. So it takes patience in making it step by step.

And what we discussed this time, we think it’s no less cool than the audio spectrum of music or songs, because here we will make videos following the beat of music in an easy way. What later your photos will become a video that moves with movements that follow the music. So it’s almost similar to the music spectrum, only here using the photos we have.

And for how to make it, here we need a video editing application following the beat of the music, which is named Beatsinc. The application itself can be downloaded for free through the Google Playstore on Android. And for the steps to make a photo video following the beat of the music, you can follow the method below:

How to Make a Video Following the Beat of Music With the Beatsinc App

  • For the first step, after the Beatsinc application is installed on your Android phone, it is to open the application beatsync, and press + . icon .
How to Make a Video Following a Music Beat With an Android App
  • Then please select the type of beat you want to use. There are various types of beats and you can choose the one that suits your taste. If you use the kinemaster application, you can edit it again with the kinemaster logo icon. Because this application is already in sync with the Kinemaster application.
  • Now to save the results you can click save icon in the top right cornerthen select the video quality you want and click ok. And after that, you can see the results in your cellphone storage gallery, and it’s ready to be used as a WhatsApp or Instagram story.
How to Make a Video Following a Music Beat With an Android App

Okay, that’s the easy way how how to make a video following a music beat on android with the beatsinc application. Hopefully this article can be useful and see you again in our next article post. Thanks.