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How to make a song or music status on the whatsapp application

Make song or music status on whatsapp – On WhatsApp there is a status or story feature whose existence makes WhatsApp even more awesome. Even the popularity of the story feature on WhatsApp can be said to beat the story feature in the Snapchat application, even though the Snapchat application has already used this story feature. In this status or story feature, users can update the status in the form of images or videos. And with the story feature on WhatsApp, users can freely express various moments or things they are experiencing.

Whatsapp status does provide a different experience for its users. And we don’t need to delete the status on our whatsapp, because automatically the status message will be deleted automatically when it reaches 24 hours.

Make a status on whatsapp with a song or music, have you ever tried it? And have your whatsapp contact friends ever made a music or song status on whatsapp? to make a status with a song or music on whatsapp the way is very easy. And maybe this method will seem different and more interesting. But when updating the status of music or songs on WhatsApp it only lasts 30 seconds. Therefore, if you want to make a music or song status with a duration of more than 30 seconds then it would be nice to read my previous article post, which is about How to Upload Whatsapp Status Videos with Long Duration

Now to make a whatsapp status with music or songs, of course you have to prepare a song or music first. And here are the steps to create a music or song status in the WhatsApp application:

  • Open and play a song or music you want through the music playback application on your phone.
how to make music or song status on whatsapp application
  • Then go to the WhatsApp application.
  • Then proceed to enter WhatsApp status by pressing the camera icon. Look at the screenshot image on the following whatsapp application.
easy way to make music or song status on whatsapp
  • Please record the song or music that is playing on the cellphone by covering the camera with your finger to make it look dark and only the sound of the music or song is heard while you press the record button.
easy steps to make song or music status on whatsapp
  • If you have finished recording, then edit it first to make it look interesting. Like adding a caption in the form of text or stickers.
  • And finally, upload your music or song status into WhatsApp status.

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