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How to Make Long Screenshots on All Android Phones

How to Make Long Screenshots on All Android Phones – Long Screenshot android allows us to be able to capture android screen activity not only in the visible screen activity area, but we can capture overall screen activity with elongated results. If under certain conditions making long screenshots or long screenshots, of course, it will be very useful. Like when taking screenshots of information spread on social media, long information on a particular website and others. So if you want to send a long piece of information, then you don’t need to take several screenshots first. Because the purpose of making long screenshots is to provide clear and complete information compared to screenshots only on the visible screen.

Not all android phones are supported by the long screenshot / long screenshot feature, although now there are some smartphones that do support long screenshots / long screenshots. Then how to take long screenshots on android phones that don’t support yet? if the android smartphone that you have is not yet available with the long screenshot feature, then don’t worry too much about it. Because on this occasion I will share tips on how to take long screenshots on all types of Android phones. So you can still make long screenshots on Android using the help of an application. This application is named scroll capture, where this application is able to take long screenshots easily and can also be done for all types of android phones. For the application, you can download it directly free on Google Playstore.

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Here’s how to take long screenshots on all types of android phones:

  • First of all download and install the application first scroll capture. If you have just opened the application.
  • Prepare the information you want in the long screenshot by filling in the url address of the website in the column provided in the scroll capture application.
how to make long screenshots on all types of android

  • If you are already on the page that you want to take a long screenshot, then the next step is to press the symbol capture. And give the scroll app access permission.
how to take long screenshots on android with the scroll capture application
  • After that, then wait until the screenshot process is complete.
  • If you have you can see the results of the long screenshot which is directly stored in your gallery. For long screenshots, you can see in the image below.
how to capture a long screen / long screenshot on all types of android phones

And if to enlarge the screenshot image you can zoom, and the result is not broken and really clear. And the catch fish the screen will look elongated.

Ok maybe that was it how to make long screenshots on all types of android phones. Hopefully it is useful for you, and if you find this article useful then it would be nice to also share it with your other friends so that they too can find out. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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