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How to Make Dotted Letters in Word (100% Work)

On this happy occasion, we will share a Microsoft Word tutorial, which is about how to make dotted letters in word. Usually these dotted letters are used to make simple writing designs or used by teachers in teaching early childhood students about how to write numbers or letters properly and correctly.

Well, you need to know that the dotted letter font is not automatically available directly in the Microsoft Word application on our computer or laptop. Whether it’s Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, or Word 2013. So we as users must first add a dotted letter font to our MS Word.

And for the dotted line font type name is “traceYou can get these fonts on several sites to download fonts in ttf or otf format, so without an alias application we can get them online. And because fonts sometimes become virus carriers, you can download these fonts, only through trusted sites, one of which is through

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Okay, for more details about the stages of how to download dotted fonts for word, then please refer to the following tutorial steps.

  • First of all, you first visit the site
  • After entering the site, all you have to do is write it in the search with the keyword “trace”. Then immediately, several search results for fonts related to your search will immediately appear.
  • Well, you can see for yourself that there will be several types of fonts with dotted letters but with different models. And there you just have to choose what you want. And as an example here we will choose the top trace font which looks like in the image below.
How to Make Dotted Letters in Word
  • After that, you download the font by pressing the icon to the right of the font as I marked the small red box in the image above, then the font download process will take place.
  • And after the download is complete, where the file is in zip format, then proceed with extracting the file, then it will become several files as shown below.
How to Make Dotted Letters in Word
  • Next up, you guys copy file trace-lxy0 to folder fontsso click copy trace-lxy0 file, then open the folder local disk (C:)then select a folder Windows and then paste it in the folder Fonts.
  • And then the font will be directly installed on your Microsoft Word. And for that, if you want to see it or use it, then you can directly open the Ms. the word, then you look for the trace font that you have installed, and write it down.
How to Make Dotted Letters in Word

Well, so that’s all we can say regarding how to make dotted letters in microsoft word. Pretty easy, right? And if you think this information is useful, then if you like, please share it with anyone who needs it. Thank you so much and thank you for visiting our blog.