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How to make different backgrounds and text in the command prompt

Change the appearance of the command prompt – If you have ever or even frequently used the command prompt, surely you are familiar with the background color, which is black, and by default the text is white. Where this command prompt is a program used to explore windows with DOS (Disk Operating System) commands. Commands at the command prompt can be done online or offline. So many commands that we can do using the Command prompt.

But there must be times when you feel bored or bored with the default display color at the command prompt. And you want to change the background color of the command prompt and the writing to make it look interesting and different. we can change the command prompt with its background and text color without having to install other software. Because it’s enough to just set the command prompt. So, take a good look at the steps below:

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How to change the text and background in the command prompt:

  • The first step is to open command promptby clicking start then type CMD in the search box. Or you can also press the keyboard button windows+R
  • After that then right click on title bar command prompt, then select properties. For more details, you can see in the image below.
how to change the background color and text in the command prompt
  • Next select the tab colors, please select the color according to your wishes, and here you can change the appearance of the command prompt starting from the screen background, screen text, popup text, and popup background. If you have then click ok.

For more details about this step, you can see in the following image.

how to change the appearance of the command prompt to make it more different
  • Done. Now you see the difference. And as an example the results will be like in the image below.
easy way to change display in command prompt

Ok maybe that’s it how to make the display on the command prompt be different by changing the background color and writing in the command prompt. Pretty easy isn’t it? and you can do it by following the steps described above.
So posting this article, hopefully it can be useful and thank you for visiting.

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