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How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android

Thanks to the development of increasingly advanced technology, it is not surprising that currently there are many practical ways that we can do. Especially if you use a smartphone. Because with a smartphone, it makes it easier for us to do the activities we do and one of them is in find a location. Because with smartphones, we can take advantage of applications google maps on android. So that through this application we no longer need to be confused or stray when we want to attend an invitation or invitation at the location or venue of the event.

Usually the most commonly written address in an invitation letter is to write full address of the location where the event is taking place. And besides that, to be more complete, the invitee will also make a map of the location of the invitation, so that the invitees can get an idea of ​​the location of the destination address. And sometimes there are things that make people still unclear, whether it’s because the address is completely unknown or because the location plan is incomplete and clear from the position where we are.

Of course even so, we will still be able to find the location if we search for it using google maps. Because it is enough to just write the address line listed on the wedding invitation letter, circumcision invitation and so on and then connect it to our address or location, then we will be able to find out how much distance we have traveled to the destination location or which route we will pass.

And getting here, it turns out that the design of the invitation letter has developed which makes the address even more complete, namely by having barcode (QR code) location on google maps. With the inclusion of a barcode / qr code, the destination location will be more accurate and easy to find. Because you only need to scan the barcode, the invited person will automatically see the destination in more detail and quickly find the location where the event is taking place via the Google Maps application.

Its use is even more practical isn’t it? because to guide us to the location we only need a smartphone, then we just need to scan the barcode listed in the invitation letter using a qr reader app/qr code reader. For the application itself, you can download it on the Google Playstore, but now some smartphones have also provided a QR code reader application directly on the smartphone, aka the default smartphone application.

Then if you are an invitee at the event and want to embed a barcode on the invitation letter that you made. With the aim that the people you invite can easily and accurately find the location where your event is taking place. So to make a barcode / qr code location on google maps, you can see the steps below.

How to Create a Barcode (QR Code) for Our Location on Google Maps Through Android:

  • Open the google maps application.
  • Next, please write down and specify your intended address.
How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android
  • Pay close attention to the address you made so you don’t get it wrong, if you are sure, please go ahead click share.
How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android
  • Then select copy link or copy link from the address you specified.

How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android
  • Next, please open a new tap and paste the link that you just copied.
  • But before you press enter you add it first .qr at the end of the link. For more details, you can see in the image below.

How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android

  • If you have clicked enter.
  • And as a result, a black barcode/qr code will appear, where you can save this qr code and share it with your friends or edit and paste it into the invitation letter that you make.

How to Make a Barcode (QR Code) Google maps for our location on Android

Ok that’s it an easy way to make a barcode / qr code for a google maps location on android. Hopefully it can be useful. And don’t forget if the article is useful then don’t hesitate to share it or share this article with many people there who need it. Thank you and see you again in other interesting posts to come.