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How to make Android a mouse and keyboard on a computer/laptop

Make an android smartphone as a mouse and keyboard on a computer/laptop – Android is an operating system made by Google which is used on mobile devices. Almost all mobile phone brands today use the Android operating system. Because in addition to its complete features, Android is also supported by very sophisticated connectivity. So don’t be surprised if Android is the target of smartphone users in the world.

And who would have thought that android smartphones able to be an alternative as a substitute for a mouse and keyboard if in necessary conditions. Just like the mouse or keyboard is in an error or damaged condition, the mouse is in a depleted battery condition and so on so that it cannot be used.

To overcome if you experience something like the above you can just turn your android phone into a mouse or computer keyboard / laptop. The method is very simple. We only need to use wifi as an intermediary to connect the cellphone to a laptop or computer. And then also prepare the application, namely by:

  • Download an app called wifi mouse directly from google playstore.
how to turn android into a computer/laptop keyboard and mouse

  • Also download the app wifi mouse on a computer/laptop device.

Then if you have done the steps above, now is the time to operate it. And for the steps are as follows:

  • Install each application that you have downloaded.
  • Then turn on or activate the hotspot on your favorite smartphone and make sure the wifi on the computer is connected or connected to the smartpone hotspot. You can turn it on through the menu
    Settings tethering and mobile hotspot enable mobile hotspot. As in the screenshot below.
enable hotspot on android phone

  • Next, open the mouse wifi server application on the computer that you have installed (this mouse server will automatically provide a connection via the ip address). As in the following image.

wifi mouse app on computer/laptop

  • Then open the wifi mouse application on your android that you have installed. Then this application will detect the presence of the IP address and also the name of the computer that is already connected or connected, then just click on it on your computer name.
Android smartphone can be used as mouse and keyboard easily
  • The next step is all you have to do is operate the mouse and keyboard with your cellphone. In this area apart from being used for the keyboard and mouse, it can also be used to operate powerpoint presentations and so on. To view it can be seen in the following screenshot image.
the appearance of the wifi mouse application on android

That’s how how to use android instead of mouse and keyboard on computer/laptop. Hopefully it can add useful knowledge. Thank you and good luck.

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