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How To Know Who's A Secret Fan On Instagram With Android

peek who often see our profile on instagram

How to Know Who’s a Fan on Instagram – Instagram has indeed become an application for smartphone users. It can’t be separated because this social media application is so popular and interesting. By using the Instagram application, we can find many things. Starting from unique photos or images, design inspiration, funny videos, creative videos, online shops and so on.

It is not only used by children to adults, even parents don’t want to be left out of existence with this one social media. It’s no wonder that the features on Instagram are getting more complete and interesting, so that it makes its users more captivated as evidenced by those who always exist to express their daily lives on this Instagram.

If you are an Instagram user who is quite popular and has many followers. So there’s nothing wrong, isn’t it if you want to know who our Instagram profile stalker is?. Or can you say who is the secret fan on our Instagram?. Of course if we as Instagram users will certainly feel curious about this. Because who would have thought that our Instagram fans are the closest friends in the real world who secretly have admiration for us.

To find out who are Instagram fans or users who often see our Instagram profiles, of course there is a way to find out. Then how to find out who our secret Instagram fans are? But to find out you need an application called Who Viewed My Profile. And you can download this application through the playstore. Okay, those who are curious, just look at the steps below.

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Here’s how to find out who the secret fans are on Instagram:

  • The first step you have to do is to download and install application Who Viewed my profile. And here is a screenshot of the application.
how to find out who is a secret fan on instagram
  • If so, please open the app it, then continue with login with your Instagram account. By writing the username and password and then click enter.
application to find out who often views our instagram profile
  • Then you wait until the process is complete. If you have clicked or selected on Viewed your profile. As I did in the following screenshot image.
easy way to find out who fans on instagram
  • After that, a list of people who frequently visit or view your Instagram profile will appear. And the top row shows the Instagram users who have seen your profile the most. For more details, you can see the screenshot below.
android application used to find out fans on instagram
  • By looking at the picture above I can finally find out who the secret fans on Instagram are. For those of you who want to also know who your fans are on Instagram, you can see this way.

Okay maybe that’s all this time’s post is about how to find out who is a fan on instagram. Pretty easy isn’t it? Therefore, just try it on your android smartphone so you are not curious anymore.

Well, I hope this article is useful for you, and don’t forget to share it with your other friends so they can also know about this method. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next post.

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