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How To Know Messenger Is Video Calling

Messenger is one application that is quite popular among modern society. This application is usually used to chat for Facebook users. And if you are an active user of this application, video calls are one of the things you usually do to communicate with other people or friends, of course. Because with this video call, we can meet each other through the cellphone camera with the other person we are talking to.

In the video call feature on Facebook Messenger, many interesting features have been supported for users, which will make communicating with someone less boring. As with the use of effects or filters in video calls or others.

However, unlike video calls in other applications such as WhatsApp, for example, when making a video call on WhatsApp, the call cannot be connected and there is an indication that it is in another call. Well, if in the messenger application it is necessary to know how to know the messenger is on a video call.

How To Know Messenger Is Video Calling

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How to Know Messenger Is Video Calling or Online

You can tell if someone is on a video call or online. Here is information on how to find out if someone or a messenger user is online. Therefore, recognize the signs that someone is on a video call on messenger by following these steps.

1. Open Messenger App

How to know someone is on video call on messenger, first of all you need to have messenger app. Then open the application and enter the application. If you have successfully logged in, then just go to the next step.

2. Find the Contact Icon

The next step you have to do to see a friend is on a video call on the messenger application is to look for the contact icon. You certainly already know what the image of this icon looks like. The shape of the contact icon is like a round list at the bottom of the screen or next to a large blue circle.

3. Touch On-Screen On Button

The next step is that you can look for the active button or active options tab at the top of the screen. Later all the contacts that are currently active will appear. Friends who are online or maybe on a video call will see a green circle near their profile picture.

How to find out your messenger friend is on a video call is very easy to do, especially for those of you who use smartphones or gadgets. But if you use a computer, the method is not much different.

You just need to login to Facebook then search for messenger conversation. Next, after you have successfully logged in, try looking for an icon shaped like a gear with a blue color at the top left of the screen. Then you just need to look for the active contact option then there will be seen who is active on Facebook.

That’s the information on how to find out the messenger is on a video call, hopefully it’s useful.