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how to hide photos and videos in android calculator app

Hide photos and videos in calculator on android – There are many kinds of applications in the android playstore that we can use as storage media or used to hide a file. Whether it’s a file lock application or default application such as locking the gallery with a password and others or even if you are interested in this one way, that is, we can hide photos, videos and other files in an application. calculator. Tinteresting impression no?. So girlfriends or friends or anyone who uses our cellphones will not realize that the calculator is a hiding place for your photos, videos or secret files. Because media calculators are unthinkable for some people to hide files. So apart from being a medium used for counting, you can also use it as a place to secure photos or videos.

For the steps, you can read the reviews below properly and correctly.

  • The first step is to download the application inside Playstore which name is Calculator Vault Gallery Lock. You can get this application for free. For more details about the application like what you can see in the display image below.
Calculator Vault-Gallery Lock


  • Install the application, then run the application. When you first open the calculator vault-Gallery lock application you will be faced with a password. Then you just type in the number you want. Enter the password at the top, then confirm again at the bottom. For example, here I use the password 213141 and then press Create. Next you will be confronted again with a security question. Just fill in the security question and its answers. If you have, click Save and start. The purpose of this question is to keep it or as a backup code in case you forget the password.
How To Hide Photos And Videos In Calculator On Android
If you have reached this step, it means that the method is complete and your calculator is ready to be used to calculate and is also ready to be used to hide files. Whether in the form of photos, videos or other files that you want to hide.

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And the method is as follows:

1. Open the app calculator vault-gallery lock which were. Then you will enter the calculator menu as usual. You can count through this menu. Now if you want to hide photos or videos directly, just type the number that you created the password earlier.
Type 213141 that we made earlier then press the symbol (=) then the calculator menu display will automatically change like this.

How to Hide Photos And Videos on calculator
2. If you want to hide a video, then you click the videos menu. Then click the sign plus (+) on the bottom right. like in the picture above.
3. Then re-select the (+) then select menu video albums. Then mark check on the video to be hidden. If you have selected a video, click lock symbol on the top right. For more details on how to do it can be seen in the following image.
how to hide videos on calculator

After doing the steps above, the calculator application will automatically process hiding / hiding files. After the process is complete, you can check the video in the gallery that the video you selected earlier is empty and moves to the calculator application.

And to open or watch videos that have been hidden, the method is to open the calculator application then simply press the number that you made the password and then click the sign (=). And if you want to return it to the way it was, which is to move the video to the gallery album again, then you just have to go back to the menu on the calculator, select the type of video. Then click the three dots on the right side of the video as shown in the image below which I circled in red then select unhide. Automatically the video will move to the gallery again.

unhide video in calculator

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