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How to Hide Friends Status Feed on BBM Android

By philanthropist

30 Aug, 2022

Hide friend status feed on BBM android – In the Blackberry messenger application or what we usually call BBM, making status is a common thing to do. Even making a status on BBM can make its own fun for its users. Status on BBM is generally almost the same as if we make a status on other social media such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp. and so forth. On BBM, we can create statuses by adding pictures/photos or adding various emoticons that make status messages more interesting.

In creating status on BBM, the maximum character used is 160 characters. If the characters you wrote in the BBM status message have reached 160 characters, a warning will appear. To find out what the warning looks like, you can see in the image below.

How to Hide Friends Status Feed on BBM Android

However, it seems very rare to make BBM status up to 160 characters. What status do you make folk tales? Most people write a status on BBM just to express feelings or things that are being experienced or just small talk and do not reach 160 characters.

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In your BBM application, of course there are your friends’ BBM contacts, right?. And from the many contacts of your BBM friends, maybe there are contacts who always update the status, whether it’s changing the display picture, or something else every minute or every second if there is or you could say updating the status too often. If you feel disturbed by this, there is no need for you to take steps to Delcont / delete your friend’s contact. But there is another way, namely by hiding your friend’s status. So how do you do that? see the following explanation.

  • The first step, of course, is to open the BBM application on your favorite Android smartphone. After that, go straight to Fuel Feeds/BBM Feeds. As in the screenshot below.
  BBM Feeds/BBM Feeds on android

  • After that look for the BBM friend status that you want to hide from BBM Feeds / BBM Feeds. And then when you have found it, press and hold on the status of your friend as shown in the image below.
hide from BBM Feeds/BBM Feeds on android
  • After that click on the eye symbol as in the image I circled in red above. Then a display like the one in the following image will appear.
status feed on BBM android

There are two options, the first is all feeds and the second is status feeds. But if what you want to hide is a music feed, then the second option is a music feed and if what you want to hide is an image feed, what will appear in the second option is to show an image feed. It depends on the type of bait you want to hide.
For more details, you can see the screenshot below.

Feed on BBM android

If you select all feeds / All feeds then all feeds whether it’s pictures, music or status created by your friends will no longer appear on the BBM / BBM Feeds feed. However, if you choose the status feed, the status feed created by your friends will not appear in the BBM / BBM feeds. And also if the image feed is selected, then all image feeds created by your contact friends cannot appear in the BBM/BBM feeds feed. Likewise, if you select a music feed, if you select a music feed then all your BBM contacts’ music feeds will not appear in your BBM/BBM feeds.

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That’s it How to Hide Friends Status Feed in BBM Android. Pretty easy isn’t it? You can try the above method for free on your respective smartphone. Thank you and thank you for visiting.

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