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How to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer Without Software

Hide files or folders on a computer without software – For those of you who might be interested in secret things, maybe you can try the things below. The purpose of hiding files is to protect files that are private or that concern someone’s privacy. Everyone has secrets that others don’t want to know. There are many reasons why someone chooses to hide data or files. Whether it’s about personal data, bank account numbers, or anything else.

It’s the same if you store a number of files on your computer that are considered important or confidential, such as personal photos, videos, or other important documents. And that you don’t want other people to know, you can just hide it so that if someone else opens your laptop or computer or even borrows our computer, they won’t see, open or misuse your data for a crime. uwiidih. So on this occasion, we will explain how to hide data on Windows 7. Whether it’s in the form of files or in the form of folders. The method is quite simple, so it is enough to just take advantage of the existing features without having to look for additional software to do it.

  • The first step is to prepare the file or folder that you want to hide. Like here, what I will hide is a folder that I named “picture” in which there are many image folders. As in the image below.
How to Hide Files and Folders on a Computer Without Software
  • After that block all the files or directly block in one folder only. Then right click select properties. On tab General put a check mark on the option Hidden then Apply and OK. As in the image below.
general tab

Furthermore, the display of the folder or file that you created hidden earlier will appear faded or more transparent.

  • Then switch to the Organize option in the upper left corner. Click Organize then select menu folders and search options. Then select the tab view.

click organize then select the folder menu and search option

  • To view the tab view you can see in the image below. After entering the view tab, then select hidden files and folders. Click on option Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives. Then click Apply then click OK.
Don't show hidden files, folders or drives

  • After performing the steps above, the file or folder is already hidden. Next, look at your files or folders, they won’t appear anymore.
folder is hidden
You can display the folder again by setting on organize again and choose
show hidden files, folders or drives.

Thus the article on this occasion about how to hide files or folders on a computer without software. Hopefully this method can be useful and easy to understand. Thank you and good luck.

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