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How to Hide Apps on Realme Phones Without Apps


How to Hide Apps on Realme Cellphones Without Apps by Fighters

How to hide apps on realme without apps? For those of you realme android phone users, of course you are very aware of the privacy security that is on your cellphone. Because in everyone’s cellphone there must be a secret that wants to be hidden.

Like the whatsapp, telegram, or other chat application, it certainly contains conversations that are private and should not be known to others, be it friends, relatives or our parents who borrow our cellphones.

The feature that people really need to secure an application or game installed on a realme cellphone is to hide the application on the cellphone. So that later it is not known that on your cellphone there is a hidden application that you want to keep secret.

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On the realme cellphone itself, there are actually built-in features which can secure your cellphone apart from locking the app, you can also hide the app icon from the realme cellphone main screen. So that way you don’t need to download an application hiding application on the Google Play Store.

If you are interested in hiding applications on realme, then this time we have written step by step to hide them. Please just follow the tutorial below.

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  • First you enter the settings application on the realme cellphone that you are using.
  • Then scroll down and click on the security menu.
  • Then scroll down to the bottom and click on the words “app lock”.
  • After that you will be asked to create a password, click set password.
  • Next you create a password, and make sure you make it easy for you to remember.
  • After creating the password, a question will usually appear as a password recovery. You just select the question as a password recovery later if you have forgotten your password, then click Finish.
  • Next you select the application you want to hide, it can be 1 application or several applications, then click on “lock”.
  • After that a notification will appear to lock the application with fingerprint or facial recognition, here you can use it or not, if not you click cancel.
  • Then if you have, you continue to tap on the words “only show locked apps” at the top menu.
  • After that, click on the application, then to hide it you just activate the “hide front screen icon”.
  • Next you will be asked to set an access number to open hidden applications, you click on set access number according to the existing guide.
  • After that, the application will be immediately hidden from the front screen of your realme cellphone.
  • And to open a hidden application, just enter the phone application, then enter the access number that you previously created, then the hidden application will appear.

So, that’s the tutorial on how to hide apps on realme phones without additional apps. Hopefully the information we have written can be useful for all of you and good luck with this tutorial, thank you.