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How to Hide Adult Content On Youtube From Kids

How To Hide Adult Content On Youtube From Kids – It is undeniable that in this modern era, many underage children always use gadgets for their toy media. Like using smartphones and tablets. And it is true that currently the influence of the internet is very good for the development of technology and as a medium of information. So that we will feel that the world is in our hands.

Because it is so easy for us to get information through the internet, it can also have a negative impact on the influence of the internet. Like for example if you as a parent do not supervise their children properly when they use the internet to watch youtube videos. Have you ever thought if your children play outside your supervision or in the sense that your children access things that are not allowed or not worth watching for children. For example, about pornography or adult content.

Most parents let their children watch YouTube videos with the aim that their children are calm in the sense of not crying. Because they will get entertainment by watching videos available on YouTube. Such as watching cartoons, children’s videos, and so on. However, if you don’t supervise your children properly, it is possible for them to watch content that is basically not allowed to be accessed by minors.

The youtube site also has thousands of content that is not recommended for minors. If you want that when children watch videos on YouTube they don’t access adult content. Therefore, it is important for parents to know how to hide adult content on YouTube. And to do so, you can follow the steps below.

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How to hide adult content on YouTube from children:

  • The first step is open youtube app, then enter the menu settings or settings. Next you choose general. For more details, you can see in the following image.

How to Hide Adult Content On Youtube From Kids

  • If you have activate restricted mode, as this will help you avoid inappropriate content. As in the image below.
How to hide adult content on youtube from kids
  • The next step is still on the menu suit, that is with select history and privacy.
  • In this option please you clear watch history and also clear search history, this method aims so that the search history that you might do when viewing videos on youtube will not appear in searches. So it will be safe when used by children. And for more details about this step, you can see through the image below.
how to hide videos for adults from kids

And after you perform the steps above, adult content or videos that may contain inappropriate content will not be displayed. So if your children watch videos on YouTube, they will avoid content that is not suitable for viewing by minors.

Okay, maybe that’s the post on this occasion about how to hide adult content on youtube. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to share it with other parents so they can also find out the method mentioned above. Because this is for the good of the nation’s future generations. Thank you for visiting and good luck.

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