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How To Give Password In Microsoft Word Easily

How to give a password in Microsoft Word – Microsoft word is a program that plays a role in word processing made by Microsoft which is very popular, almost most people know the default program from Microsoft which is one package into this Microsoft Office. Since we were in school, we must have been taught this type of word processing program. And Microsoft has experienced a lot of development from year to year. Precisely with our development method as users it becomes easier to operate.

How To Give Password In Microsoft Word Easily

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For those of you who like to write, create articles or create documents, it will be fairly easy with the help of this Microsoft Word program. But behind it all, we should know how to protect the data stored in Microsoft Word safely. One of them is by using password security so that data that we consider important/confidential is not just misused by irresponsible people.

For example, when we work in office installations with the use of the same computer, which if our data is not secured or not protected safely, it is possible that someone who is jailed can use our data to copy and paste at will. So, therefore in Microsoft Word there is a feature where this feature serves to protect or protect documents with a password or password with the aim of protecting data that is considered important or confidential.

So with this feature, we will be asked to enter a password or password first when our files or data are opened. Septemberbe some people rarely know this method which chooses to look for additional software to install applications in order to protect files. But after you read this article, it is hoped that you can add knowledge that can be useful, so you don’t need to look for additional software to protect this file, just take advantage of the features that have been provided by Microsoft itself.

1. Open your document and create a document that will be given a password.

2. Press CTRL+S or save as then Name your document type and place it where the file will be saved.

3. Before pressing save, you must select the menu tools which is located to the left of the save menu. As in the image below.

4. Then select menu general options. For more details, see the image below.

general options
5. Next after selecting general options, you give the password according to what you want. After that you will be asked to confirm Enter the password again as you first entered, then click ok and save. Below is an image of the general options display.

general options tab
6. Try to reopen the saved document, you will definitely be asked to enter a password when you open it. Then your document will appear as shown in the following image when you try to open it. It says “Enter password to open file” which means enter the password to open the file.