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How to Get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) Effect

Free Fire has released a variety of very cool new updates for you to try for yourself. There’s even a way to get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) effect, it’s actually very easy. This will show a change movement that is so cool, it even becomes a special item in the game.

There are still many cool prizes that we can get, if we follow the new event and it will be even more exciting. All this new stuff is so cool, that we won’t miss out on everything that already exists.

Then the appearance of the Rampage United Free Fire Event Schedule, will definitely provide far more prizes than before. The missions that you really have to complete right now are pretty good, in fact there are some things that are really challenging. Only need to pay attention to the time of the mission, and we need to focus on completing it.

Especially for How to Get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) effect, it will make the characters that use the bundle turn into a very cool shape. But there is something interesting about this Effect, so that we can get the main prize right now.

How to Get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) Effect

  1. Enter the Free Fire Game

    You have to enter the Free Fire game first, so you can get the latest Transform Rampage Effect now. It will appear from September 25 – September 25, 2022, which will come, so you can immediately have a gift like this now.

  2. Unlock Luck Royale and Token Tower

    Next we open the Luck Royale section, then proceed to the existing Token Tower. Because by doing something like this, players will soon find Spin with the main prize in the form of a very cool bundle.

  3. Get the Mars Warclasher Bundle to Get the Transform Rampage Effect

    You definitely know that the Mars Warclasher Free Fire Bundle does have an easy way to get it. If you have received the Bundle, you can receive the Transform Rampage Effect and it is indeed expensive. Spin 1 times 19 Dm and Spin 5 times 79 Dm.

  4. First Check on Lab Features

    Just go to the Free Fire Lab Features, so we can receive really cool prizes. That way, players will definitely see the Bundle, and get additional bonuses from the Transform Effects that you already use.

  5. Transform Rampage effect in Vault

    If you want to use this Transform Rampage Effect, just go to the Vault now. So that you can immediately find it and use it right now. Because with the existing process, players can immediately use it and immediately use it easily.

An event full of cool prizes, then see a variety of good updates that have appeared in the Free Fire game. As well as a prize in the form of the Free Fire Rampage Transformation Emote, it turns out that it has an effect that turns your Red Rampage bundle into Blue.

How to Get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) Effect

Then it will be suitable to use the Thompson Hybrid Explosion Free Fire Skin, because the effect itself has a color change. If you use it later, it will become even stronger in dealing with enemies as hard as anything.

After knowing how to get the Transform Rampage Free Fire (FF) effect, you can just complete each mission. Because this way it’s directly in the paid event, then like it or not, you have to spin.

To make it easier to just use the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, so that the chances of getting this prize are even greater. The player’s opportunity to have the Transform Effect will definitely become even easier, so that we can immediately use it in battle to change appearances.