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How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released a variety of the latest events that contain lots of attractive prizes that players must get. The missions are much the same as How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF), we can finish all of them right away. As the newest gift which is very cool and will be an option for the player later.

It’s a great opportunity to have a grand prize like this, it’s definitely going to be even more exciting to try it well. Especially for the main prize that will appear later, it will be even more enthusiastic to see what missions we can indeed receive from here. Easy to complete, also fast so that you can receive the prize.

Especially for the presence of a Free Fire 5th Anniversary Date, because from here there are many new missions for you to complete. Everything will be even more exciting for players to complete, there are also various main prizes that players will receive from here.

Then the emergence of How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF), you can just try all of that now. Because the mission is easy and it won’t be boring, as long as the player can play it right away, then later can you get a gift like this if you want.

How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF)

  1. Login to the Free Fire Game

    You must be able to log into the Free Fire game, so you can get the existing Sterling Star Backpack. Appearing on September 22 – 29, 2022, which will come, helping players to be able to have the latest cool collections like this.

  2. Select Event and Check 5th Anniversary Travel

    Immediately you can go directly to the Event section, then check the 5th Anniversary Travel section right now. Because from here there is a Mission for the Sterling Star Backpack prize, it will look really cool for you to try playing now.

  3. Complete Mission 10000 Travel

    Then we can immediately complete the 10000 Travel Mission first, so we can get this newest Sterling Star Backpack now. So that way the players will immediately receive the gift items easily and we can use them right away.

  4. Do It In Battle Royale Mode

    My Esports advice if you want to finish the mission quickly, you have to play in Battle Royale Mode only. Because the position is spacious and free to go around anywhere, so we won’t have any trouble getting this done. Do you want Rank or Classic Mode, it’s up to you.

  5. Prizes Enter the Vault

    If you have received this gift now, it will go straight into the Vault and you can use it immediately. Because the Sterling Star Free Fire Backpack looks really cool, so the player can look cool when using it.

There are indeed many events that enter the Free Fire game, complete all of them to get this main prize. Even to receive the Sterling Star Backpack as a free gift, while it’s still there, you have to accept it right away.

How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF)

Together with the Sterling Futurnetic Free Fire Bundle, it will definitely make your character look more fit and cool. Moreover, with this theme it can be even faster, so that we can immediately use gifts like this.

After knowing How to Get Sterling Star Backpack Free Fire (FF), you can know all that right now. Because this will provide such an attractive prize for the player, don’t forget we finish everything now for such a gift.

Then there is also the M1887 Sterling Futurnetic Evo Gun Free Fire Skin, which will be more fitting to the themes that have emerged. As a good choice, so that the player will be excited to do a rush when facing many enemies.