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How to Get Starshroom Activated and Burnt Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has released a lot of the latest updates that you all have to check in this game now. Then there is a Way to Get Activated Starshroom and Burnt Genshin Impact, being one of the interesting items for us to receive. Because this is an increase in the stats of the item when we use it later.

There are so many good things that appear in Genshin Impact, making us even more curious to try it. It turns out that it will become even more exciting, so that you can immediately play a variety of good things that we can easily accept now.

The presence of the Sumeru Genshin Impact Map Update, it turns out that there are many new things that we can all get right now. Because there are a lot of plants and something cool on the map, we’re also definitely interested in going around to try out the newest effects as well.

You can also know how to get Starshroom Activated and Burnt Genshin Impact, for those who can react when we take it. Happening when you use a Character with a special Element can trigger the effect of something like this later.

How to Get Starshroom Activated and Burnt Genshin Impact

  1. Organize a Character Party With Pyro and Electro

    You must first set up a Character Party with Vision Pyro and Electro, this will be the cause of the Starshroom Activated and Burnt. This is the reaction that will occur when you give Element Effects to the mushroom.

  2. First Find The Locations of Many Starshrooms

    Immediately, we first look for the location of the Starshroom right now, my Esports advice is to look for this location, there are many. Because we want to be doing it for the Effect later, so I won’t be tired of looking at other locations as well.

  3. Use Starshroom Attack Elemental Skill

    Then next we can just attack the Starshroom, so that it causes an effect on the mushroom. So the Activated Effect applies to Electro Attack and Burnt from Electro Attack when you use it.

  4. Relive Using Element Dendro

    For example, those of you who find Starshroom Burnt but want the Activated one, can immediately use the Dendro Skill. Then later when the Mushroom has grown again, you use the skill of the Electro character to attack it.

  5. Take and Receive the Effect

    After you’ve done that, just grab all the Starshrooms that are already available. The effects of Activated or Burnt vary, so you will also know about all of this right now.

The effect of Starshroom Activated gives Heal up to 800+, but if Burnt only gives 1 HP when trying it. Of course, this is the right opportunity, so that you can get the item now easily.

How to Get Starshroom Activated and Burnt Genshin Impact

Then take a look at some of the many Genshin Impact Character Lists that already exist, so that you know more about it. My Esports advice is to use Bennet or Fischl if you want to do it quickly, then we can accept Starshroom, Actived Starshroom and Burnt Starshroom which have appeared now.

After knowing How to Get Starshroom Activated and Burnt Genshin Impact, you won’t be confused about this anymore. Of course, with the Starshroom being a plant, give Heal, in order to make your character last longer.

Then take a look at the existing Genshin Impact Banner List, it really makes you curious what it looks like now. There are many things that we can indeed find now, so that later you remember playing this game at what banner time.