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How to Get Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) Animation

Free Fire has released many of the latest updates with various events that you must complete. There is also a way to get Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) animation, as the newest gift now, you can make your character stronger by using things like this in a squad.

The events that are present in the Free Fire game are also quite challenging, because they can provide many cool main missions like that. If you have every grand prize like this, it makes the player even more excited to play the game.

Even the appearance of a Free Fire 5th Anniversary Event, make sure you don’t miss it now. As one of the newest gifts that is very cool, so that players can immediately have all the latest gifts that players can feel right away.

Then for How to Get the Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) Animation, of course you will be more excited to play it. As one of the right choices, so that you can immediately have this main prize and then be stylish when you enter a Squad.

How to Get Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) Animation

  1. Login to the Free Fire Game

    Immediately, we login to the Free Fire game first, so that you can receive the Speceship Domuinator Animation that has appeared. Becoming one of the new prizes that will be present on September 20 – September 3, 2022.

  2. Choose Luck Royale and Faded Wheel

    The prize in the form of the Spaceship Dominator Free Fire Animation only appears on the Faded Wheel. You basically won’t be able to miss the gift and can immediately understand the process of getting the gift right away.

  3. Delete 2 Gifts You Don’t Like

    My suggestion from Esports is to immediately delete 2 prizes that you don’t like or already exist. Only then can players immediately start the current Spin Faded Wheel Event.

  4. Do Spin Starting From 9 Diamond

    Players will start to spin from 9 Diamonds to try to have the Spaceship Dominator Animation. But remember the price will go up every time you get a gift. So it will be a little expensive and reach 1500 Diamond.

  5. Prizes Enter the Vault

    So if you have received the Animation gift, immediately check into the Vault section to be able to use it now. Being one of the newest prizes that is so cool and also interesting, it looks different when you enter the Squad.

The newest gift for this Free Fire Animation, it does look really cool and you can just try it right away. As a really cool main prize, it will immediately have movement appear from a Spaceship. Turn it into an Arrow to attack the enemy.

How to Get Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) Animation

Then with the presence of a Sterling Futurnetic Free Fire Bundle, it sounds really cool and you can try it right away. Surely a character with a bundle and cool animation like this will look very harmonious too.

Especially for how to get the Spaceship Dominator Free Fire (FF) animation, you can try it right away if you want to have one. Provides very diverse movements when competing, becomes an animation when entering the Squad or Profile of your own game.

You can also find out the Sterling Conqueror M1887 Free Fire Skin, a powerful Evo Gun and has the same theme as the latest Animation today.