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How to Get Skin Katana Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released lots of very cool latest updates for you to try. There is also a Way to Get the Katana Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF) Skin, you can immediately have this latest gift. Because indeed by using the Katana Hypercore Blues, it will make the character who uses it become stronger.

Events that continue to multiply in the Free Fire game, will definitely be a new gift for us to be able to make into a collection. A very good addition and we can try to play now, the mission will also not be too difficult for you to play alone or with friends.

Especially with the presence of the United Free Fire Rampage Mode, it turns out that players have a variety of good prizes that we can get. You only need to play the mode, so you can soon have cool prizes like this very easily for sure.

Moreover, with the presence of How to Get a Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF) Katana Skin, you can immediately try and complete the Mission. Because for things like that, it turns out that players can just complete it through a feature to get the latest cool Katana prize in bright blue.

How to Get Skin Katana Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF)

  1. Enter the Free Fire Game

    You must first enter the Free Fire game right now, so you can get the Hypercore Katana Skin. This will be available on September 2-16, 2022, then those of us who are ready can immediately play the event.

  2. Choose the Lucky Royale Feature

    Then next we can directly select the Luck Royale feature, its position is at the bottom of the shop now. With us choosing this, now is the time for you to immediately see the Royale section with a picture of this latest Hypercore Katana.

  3. Do Spin to Get Hypercore Blues Katana Skin

    If you’ve found it, spin it for 19 Dm 1 Spin and 79 Dm 5 Spin to get the Katana Hypercore Blues Skin. Of course with quite a lot of prizes like this, besides the Katana you can also get something new from the Royale.

  4. Use Spin Hockey Tips

    Next you can use Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, because my Esports advice will be very helpful. The chance of the main prize will be even greater, so that our process to have this Skin will become easier.

  5. Prize Will Enter Weaponary

    In the Weapoanry section later, this Katana Skin will be included in the Katana Weapon that is present in Melee Weapon. Well then Katana Hypercore Blues will be a very good Skin because it has a cool effect when you use it.

A new event that is so crowded and has many like this, it must be profitable for the player if you already know what the prizes are. Because with new events that already exist, it will definitely give quite a lot of total with new prizes like this.

How to Get Skin Katana Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF)

Because for that, also use this Hypercore Blues Free Fire Bundle, so that it fits even more with a pretty attractive display. All of that does look cool, so just make sure you don’t miss the event to have this prize now.

After knowing how to get the Katana Hypercore Blues Free Fire (FF) Skin, you can try it right away if you want. Katana Hypercore Blues has a very cool picture, if you really want to get a new gift like this.

Then see How to Get Hypercore Free Fire Vector Skin, it looks very fitting and really good so we can have it later. This very cool appearance will make this Katana even more fitting with the shape and color of the effect when you use it.