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How to Get Rid of the Realme Navigation Keys Quickly

How to get rid of realme by fighter navigation buttons

How to remove realme navigation buttons – The existence of navigation buttons on realme cellphones can indeed make it easier for users to operate activities using realme cellphones. However, if the user wants to remove the realme navigation button, it can also be done easily and quickly.

Before we proceed to how to remove the navigation buttons on realme, first we know that of course the display will look wider later, thanks to the absence of navigation buttons at the bottom of the cellphone screen. But later the navigation buttons can be displayed by the user by using a swipe of the screen or with the gesture function.

For the factory settings or default settings, the navigation buttons for the realme cellphone are not automatically lost, but the navigation buttons will appear and appear floating in the bottom area of ​​the realme cellphone screen.

The button, which is like the navigation buttons for other brands of Android cellphones, namely with triangle, round, and square button icons. Where it was made as a substitute for the physical buttons on the android phone. Also read: How to display network speed on the Realme C21Y cellphone

How to Remove Realme Navigation Keys

Then how to remove the navigation buttons for realme c15, c11, c2, realme 5 pro, realme 8, and others? And for the method, it turns out to be very easy and the possibility for all types of realme cellphones is the same, namely you can immediately see the step by step below. Also Read: How to Reply WA When Playing Games on a Realme cellphone

1. First enter the settings or settings on the realme cellphone.

2. Next scroll or scroll the screen down and you will see the “multipurpose tool” menu. Click the menu.

3. Then after that select “navigation buttons”.

4. Next, for how to remove the realme navigation button, that is, you can choose the swipe gesture option from both sides, or you can also select the full text, to select the swipe up gesture. And you just adjust this to what you think is easier. And below it when you choose to use the gesture, instructions will appear or how to use it.

5. And done, then if you have the navigation buttons on your realme cellphone screen, they will immediately be hidden or lost, and to display them you can do it with the gesture you chose earlier. Also Read: How to Save Battery on HP Realme

We share this information with all who have stopped by here about how to remove the navigation buttons for the realme c15, c2, realme 5 and so on. Hopefully this post is useful and thank you for stopping by in this article.

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