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How to get rid of pop up ads or ads that suddenly appear on Android

How to get rid of annoying ads that appear suddenly on Android – Pop up ads are types of ads that suddenly appear when we are not browsing web pages or while browsing. Well, this type of advert will certainly be very annoying, right?. Because it will get in the way when we use android phones. Especially when we are opening other applications, such as when opening chat applications, watching movies, playing games and so on, sometimes this type of ad will appear by itself without permission.

And actually the emergence of this type of pop up ad is not dangerous but it just interferes with your activities when using a cellphone. If you look at the cause of pop up ads like that, it’s because you installed one of the launchers on your Android. And that’s what causes pop up ads and other types of ads to always appear on the screen even if you don’t open them.

The function of the launcher is actually just to beautify the appearance. But the fact is that it takes up a lot of RAM and also brings up various annoying ads. What’s the best solution?
remove pop up ads what bothers you please just uninstall your launcher application. And my advice is to use the default launcher which is safer.

If it turns out that you don’t have the launcher application installed, but this type of pop up ad often appears, it can be stated that your Android smartphone has been hit by a virus
adware or ads from viruses. This is usually when you click on a link or a link that doesn’t come from a website (infected via the internet). Or it could be from an untrusted or unsafe android application.

Of course to overcome the existence of viruses like this you use root and non-root methods. However, what is more effective is the root method. And to overcome pop up ads that often appear on Android whose existence is very disturbing to us while playing a cellphone, then please follow the steps below.

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How to get rid of pop up ads that suddenly appear on Android:

  • Remove suspicious apps

You can sort applications that you install on Google Playstore, such as applications that you think are suspicious. If it turns out that there is a suspicious application and you have never installed the application, please delete and uninstall the application. What is certain is that you must remember the last application that was installed before your Android was infected with this type of pop up ad.

For the steps, please open the Google Playstore application then look at the settings – my apps & games see recent apps or recent. Observe the applications that are on your android. Delete the application if you feel there is a suspicious application.

How to get rid of pop up ads or ads that suddenly appear on Android

If the first method doesn’t work and you don’t find any suspicious apps installed, it means that your phone has been infected with a virus. You can fix it by scanning it. Antivirus scan aims to remove malware or adware on your android device. There are lots of virus scan applications available on Google Playstore, but I recommend using the application Malwarebyteswhere this feature is complete enough to remove various types of viruses.

To use it, please download and install the application on the Google Playstore. Next you guys open the app and click on the top left corner. Click scanner and click scan. After that wait until the scan process is complete and click delete when a virus is detected. The appearance of the application itself is as follows.

remove malware or adware on android devices

In addition to a virus scan application, you can also use an ad blocker application and one of them is an application called Adaway. Where this application is able to remove stubborn ads that often appear on your android phone. And for how this application works is by modifying the hosts file and blocking all ads that usually appear in urls usually from browsers, lockscreens and pop up ads.

But when you want to use this application, of course you have to change your cellphone in a state of root. And after you are rooted then you can only install this application step by step.

For the steps, please download the application on the official website. It’s not available on the Playstore yet. So you can download it via a browser.

If the application has been downloaded and installed on your Android phone, then the next step is to open the application when it is available root notification then please choose allow or grant.

After that then change the mode disable Becomes
enable the method tap on options download files and apply ad blocking. When successful it will be successful with a sign enabled.

How to get rid of annoying ads that appear suddenly on Android

  • Reset Android Phone (Factory Reset)

The purpose of doing a phone reset is to return the phone or cellphone to factory settings. So all things related to data and settings that we have made will return to the initial settings. And in conditions like this, your Android phone is like an Android phone when you first buy it. And this method can be said to be very effective because by doing a factory reset, all data, unimportant files, applications that are not important will be erased.

Not only that, a factory reset can also erase remnants or residual files thoroughly down to the roots. So that after doing a factory reset, our phones will have faster performance and make the internal storage space relieved. And usually to reset the phone then you can choose settings – backup reset – factory data reset.

how to get rid of annoying pop up ads

This method is free for you to do or not, because this really depends on the intentions and contents of the wallet. Because if the intention is there but the contents of the wallet or money are not there, it may not be carried out properly and vice versa. So there must be a balance between intention and money.

If you’ve tried to get rid of stubborn ads and they still don’t go away, aka appear again, then Blue Glue (Throwing Buy New) you can do with notes as written above. That is, there must be a balance between intentions and the contents of the wallet. And with this Blue Glue method, it is definitely proven and guaranteed that stubborn ads or pop ups will disappear.

Okay, maybe that’s all the article posting this time about how to remove pop up ads which appears suddenly on android. Hopefully this article can be useful, if there are errors or words that are less pleasing, we as authors sincerely apologize. Thank you for visiting our blog and don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they can find out too.