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How to get rid of the green box on a realme cellphone

how to remove green box on realme phone

How to get rid of the green box on a realme cellphone – If you accidentally activate the talkback feature on a realme cellphone which makes what we touch a green box appears, and the screen is difficult to move or scroll, a sound appears that describes the menu we touch.

This talk back feature is actually very useful in supporting the use of realme cellphones, especially for those who have limited vision. So when you touch the menu on the realme cellphone, you can see the menu or item with the appearance of a green box on the realme cellphone screen. Also Read: How to Hide Apps on Realme Cellphones Without Apps

To be able to use talk back on a realme cellphone, it’s actually not difficult, where to slide it you only need to use 2 of your fingers simultaneously to swipe the screen, and also to click on the menu, you just press once, a green box will appear, then tap 2 times to select it.

But if you want to know how to get rid of the talkback on the realme cellphone or the green box that appears on the realme cellphone screen, because you activated it accidentally before, you can do it like the following steps.

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  • First go to settings, tap once on the settings icon until a green box appears on the main screen of the realme cellphone, then tap twice to enter the menu.
  • Once you enter the settings menu, scroll the screen using 2 fingers and select on additional settings.
  • Then after that you search and select the “accessibility” menu.
  • After that you select the talkback, by tapping once until there is a green box, then double-tap to select it.
  • After that, you turn off talkback, tap once until a green box appears, then tap 2 times to turn it off.
  • Finally you just click deactivate and you are done.

If it has been deactivated for the talk back feature on the realme cellphone as above, now on the realme cellphone the green box does not appear again and has returned to normal.

Well, so that’s the tutorial on how to remove the green box on the realme cellphone that we can share. Good luck and hopefully this tutorial can be useful for you.