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How to Get Rid of Chrome Notifications That Appears Alone on Android

Browsing activities using the Google Chrome browser application on an Android phone are indeed comfortable to do. Because besides being fast in terms of browsing, Google Chrome also supports various dynamic displays of a website. So that we freely explore or search for information on various websites scattered on the internet.

Well, apart from browsing, of course, have you ever visited a download site or streaming site to watch movies? Well, usually when visiting these types of sites there are annoying advertisements or when it’s time to download files, be redirected to certain sites or to troublesome advertising pages.

And maybe because at some point you really need the file you are looking for to be saved to storage on your cellphone, and before the download process takes place there is usually a notification that appears regarding access permissions from the website. And because you don’t know what it will be like then usually you will just let it go without thinking much.

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Well, like my own experience, clicking allow notification access to a web site, and it turns out that every time I open Google Chrome, annoying ads appear and cover the screen while browsing. So I was looking for a way to solve it and finally it worked. Ads or notifications sent from the site are no longer available.

Therefore, if you have experienced the same thing as me before. And intends to make notifications that appear on their own in chrome disappear and no longer appear every time you open google chrome. Then you can follow the steps to solve this problem below.

How to Get Rid of Chrome Notifications That Appears Alone on Android:

  • The first step is to open the Google Chrome application on your Android phone, then press the 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select Settings.
How to Get Rid of Chrome Notifications That Appears Alone

  • The next step is to select the “notifications” menu, then turn it off on “allow notifications” by sliding the panel to the left.
How to Get Rid of Chrome Notifications That Appears Alone

By doing the settings as above, now chrome on your android phone will no longer appear notifications that are sent continuously that interfere with your browsing activities.

So it’s very simple, right? Yes, even though it’s that simple, if we don’t know it, it will certainly be difficult or confused about how to deal with it.

Okay, enough of the discussion about how to get rid of chrome notifications that appear by themselves on android phone. Hopefully it can be useful for you and thank you for visiting our blog.