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How to Get Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatar

Free Fire released several updates such as the latest features and various events for players to play. Then with the presence of How to Get an Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatar, prizes that can make account profiles become even cooler. But with this Avatar, it turns out that it will show the chibi face of the Iris character who has a lot of style.

The events that appear in the Free Fire game are indeed many, challenging and you can just complete the mission now. Make sure not to miss all of that if there is something new, because from here players will soon receive quite a lot of prizes.

Especially for the appearance of the September Special 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, make sure you can have all of this soon. Making it a nice and cool gift, will make all players get excited again to play the game too. Because in this way the mission reward is quite easy.

Then for the presence of How to Get an Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatar, you can immediately try and feel it. It turns out that this gift Avatar is really cute to be a collection, it’s going to be cool for an account that uses it later.

How to Get Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatars

  1. Free Fire Game Login

    Immediately, we login to the Free Fire game first, so we can find this existing Iron Bobblehead Avatar. Appearing on September 2-16, 2022, make sure we can have it in a minute.

  2. Select the Event Tab and Token Exchange

    So later you can directly select the Event Tab section and check the existing Token Exchange. if it’s like this you can immediately see the process to get a new prize Iron Bobblehead Avatar that already exists.

  3. Collect Archaic Fist Tokens

    My Esports advice is that you must collect the Archaic Fist Free Fire Tokens first, so that later you can easily exchange prizes. Because we need things like this first, so that later we can have these items easily.

  4. Redeem 5 Archaic Fist Tokens

    Players must be able to exchange approximately 5 Archaic Fist Tokens which have appeared at this time. So that we can immediately have the present Iron Bobblehead Avatar appearing right now. Of course with this prize now, we can immediately play and have the prize.

  5. Prizes Enter the Vault

    The Iron Bobblehead Avatar Prize will enter the Vault Feature right now. That way we can use it right away, making the account look cool if you use gifts like this right now.

The prizes that enter the Free Fire game, of course with the Iron Bobblehead Avatar, are indeed very good. Surely this way, it will definitely make your character stronger and quite interested in having this.

How to Get Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatars

Then there is a Way to Get the Free Fire Armor of Riches Bundle, one of the new main prizes for you to try. Of course this is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of it right away.

Especially for How to Get an Iron Bobblehead Free Fire (FF) Avatar, you can try it if you want to have the prize. It turned out to be very new and easy for us to have now.

There is even a Petskin Hoot on Fire Free Fire Prize, it is indeed strong and can make our characters invincible. The very passionate burning appearance of the Pet, will certainly help your battles to be even easier.