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How to Get Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire has released many very cool latest updates for you to try playing now. There is also a way to get the Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF), of course we can get the prize right away. Because it appears on a special event, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Especially for events that have appeared now, they will definitely give quite a lot of main prizes too. So we have to complete every new Mission that already exists, this way the reward will be easy for you to have now.

Including seeing a Free Fire Cool Name that we can use, so that other players see your name so they are interested. Because it has good gameplay with a cool name like this, it makes many other players idolize you too.

Then the appearance of How to Get Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF), make sure you complete each of these missions. Being a cool main gift for us to have, will immediately enter the Armory feature after receiving such an item.

How to Get Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF)

  1. Login to the Free Fire Game

    Our first step is to directly log in to the Free Fire game, so we can get the existing Grenade Soldier Pixel. The event will appear on 10-12 September 2022.

  2. Select Event and Check Peak Day September

    Next, select the event and immediately check Peak Day September 2022 now, so you will know the main mission. Because to get the Grenade Soldier Pixel Skin comes from a new mission which is quite interesting.

  3. Reach 2 Times Booyah

    The mission to get Grenade Soldier Pixel is 2 Times Booyah, players must be able to do this in order to have the prize. So it’s not too difficult at all to do an existing mission so you can try it right away.

  4. Do It In Any Mode

    You can do this in any mode except Training, if my Esports advice you try it on Clash Squad. But in Battle Royale mode, we can also do it right so we can complete the mission now.

  5. Armory Feature Login Reward

    Later you will receive this gift in the Armory Feature, as a cool Pixel Soldier Grenade for players to use when fighting. It would look really cool to do something like that, so the chances of winning could definitely be even easier.

Of course, with the presence of Grenade Soldier Pixel, it is indeed quite easy for you to get at this event. It’s very easy and you can immediately use it in battle if you already have it, feel a fairly strong effect of the explosion.

How to Get Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF)

Then for the presence of the Archaic Fist Free Fire Token, don’t forget to collect it right now. This will provide quite a variety of prizes for players, if you really want to continue with the existing exchange.

After knowing how to get Grenade Soldier Pixel Free Fire (FF), you can try it right away. It’s easy and can immediately try it, so we can try it too quickly.

Even the presence of a Free Fire Unfold Legend Bundle, one of the main prizes that you can indeed have. It’s easy to get these gifts, if you really want to have them now.